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Power BI Monthly Update - February 2024
Power BI
Feb 20, 2024 7:56 PM

Power BI Monthly Update - February 2024

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Feb 2024 Power BI Update: Visual Calculations & Fabric Copilot Enhancements - Join Microsoft Data & AI Community Event!

Key insights


Power BI Monthly Update - February 2024 Highlights:

  • Visual calculations have been simplified, allowing easier manipulation of complex data within Power BI.

  • A new centralized Power BI home enhances user workflow by consolidating desktop activities.

  • Fabric Copilot now supports adding measure descriptions, improving model clarity and understanding.

  • Enhanced sharing capabilities with the addition of shareable links for easier report distribution.

  • An Explore feature introduced to provide deeper insights into the data being analyzed.

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The Microsoft Fabric Community Conference, March 2024:

Join the ultimate Microsoft Data & AI learning event at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, featuring over 150 sessions tailored for Power BI, Microsoft Fabric, SQL, Azure AI, and Purview users. This in-person event offers a great opportunity to connect with Microsoft teams, customers, and partners, enriching both knowledge and networking.

Please note: This event requires in-person attendance, and sessions will not be available online post-event. Use code MSCUST for a special registration discount.


Exploring the Impact of Power BI Updates and the Fabric Community Conference

February 2024 brings several updates to Power BI, highlighting the ease of conducting complex calculations and centralizing activities on the Power BI home. Visual calculations have been simplified, making it straightforward to perform tasks that were once complex or impossible. Users now have a singular location to manage their Power BI desktop activities, enhancing efficiency and organization.

The introduction of Fabric Copilot for Power BI enables the addition of measure descriptions to your models, enhancing semantic clarity. A new feature allows the creation of shareable links for Power BI reports, improving accessibility and collaboration. Additionally, the Explore feature deepens your understanding of the data you're working with, making insights more accessible than ever.

February 2024 Power BI Highlights

The February 2024 Power BI update introduces several exciting features enhancing its functionality. Visual calculations have been simplified, making complex operations more accessible. A new centralized home for all Power BI Desktop activities enhances user experience.

  • Visual calculations are now easier, broadening the scope of possible analyses.
  • The Power BI interface introduces a centralized hub for improved navigation.

Fabric Copilot has been updated to include measure descriptions in your models, improving comprehension. Shareable links and the Explore feature in the Power BI add-in foster better report sharing and data understanding.

  • Fabric Copilot enhances semantic model measures with descriptions.
  • Shareable links and Explore feature for improved report consumption and data insights.

Additionally, the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference is an upcoming event dedicated to Microsoft Data & AI, featuring sessions on Power BI, among other technologies. This in-person event offers valuable networking and learning opportunities with experts and peers alike.

  • Microsoft Fabric Community Conference offers over 150 sessions on Microsoft Data & AI technologies.
  • An exceptional chance to engage with the creators and users of these technologies.

Power BI - Feb 2024 Power BI Enhancements: Whats New


People also ask

Is Power BI updated monthly?

Indeed, Power BI undergoes monthly updates.

Is Power BI being discontinued?

The Power BI Windows app is set to retire on December 31, 2023, and post this date, it will no longer receive support.

Does Power BI Desktop receive frequent updates?

Updates to Power BI Desktop are rolled out monthly, integrating new features and improvements based on user feedback.

How often does Power BI report refresh?

For users with Power BI Premium, it's possible to schedule data refreshes as frequently as every 15 minutes. This can be achieved either through DirectQuery, Live Connection, or by leveraging Power Automate to initiate refreshes even more frequently.



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