New XTC 111 Release: Features, Specs, and Review
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Apr 22, 2024 3:00 AM

New XTC 111 Release: Features, Specs, and Review

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Explore Power Platforms future on XrmToolCast Ep.111 with Microsofts Anthony Sheehi. Dive into Pipeline updates & more!

Key insights


  • Power Platform Pipelines for All introduces customizable hosting options including Custom Host and Platform Host.
  • Rights and ownership are clearly defined for those importing solutions to Power Platform Pipelines.
  • Features enable users to rollback solutions and govern multiple pipelines efficiently.
  • The architecture of Power Platform Pipelines was one of the discussion highlights, exploring its structured design.
  • Listeners are encouraged to engage with the topic by completing homework proposed by Scott, fostering a deeper understanding.

Delving Deeper into Power Platform Pipelines for All

In Episode 111 of the XrmToolCast, hosts Daryl and Scott engage with Anthony Sheehi, a Product Manager at Microsoft, to discuss upcoming enhancements to Power Platform Pipelines, specifically focusing on "Pipelines For All". This discussion sheds light on the shifting dynamics and new features in the Power Platform, promising broader accessibility and functionality for users across the board.

The episode breaks down into several core areas of discussion, including the types of pipelines available under the Pipelines for All umbrella, covering both custom and platform-hosted options. This segment importantly highlights the versatility and adaptability of Pipelines to cater to diverse user needs in the realm of data management and workflow optimization.

Further explored are the essential aspects of rights and ownership with respect to importing solutions, the process of rolling back solutions, and the mechanisms for governing multiple pipelines. This insight is crucial for users navigating the complexities of pipeline management, ensuring clarity on ownership and operational control. Additionally, the architecture underlying these pipelines is dissected, offering listeners a deeper understanding of the technical foundation enabling these features.

Notably, Scott assigns homework for listeners, encouraging a hands-on approach to engaging with the platform and fostering a practical understanding of the concepts discussed. This task underscores the episode's aim to not only inform but also to empower users to explore and leverage the capabilities of Power Platform Pipelines in their endeavors.