Working with Purview event-based retention using code
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Feb 27, 2023 4:47 AM

Working with Purview event-based retention using code

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Introduction Microsoft 365 Purview allows you to create and publish retention labels that you can apply to data in SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Exchange. The

The article introduces Microsoft 365 Purview, a tool that allows users to create and publish retention labels for data in SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Exchange. These labels help ensure that data is kept for a specific amount of time, locked as a record if necessary, and deleted after the retention period.

The article also mentions a series of blog posts by Joanne C Klein that covers retention in SharePoint. The author of the article plans to delve deeper into how to programmatically manage Purview retention labels and apply them to SharePoint content.

The article serves as a reference guide for developers looking to use Purview retention labels in their projects. The author covers various options and aspects of the tool and encourages readers to enjoy exploring and coding.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • What is event-based retention?
  • Managing event-based labels
  • About applying event-based labels
  • How to apply an event-based retention label
  • How to create an event to trigger the retention period
  • How to monitor distribution status
  • Licensing
  • Conclusion

Blimped | Working with Purview event-based retention using code

Questions and Answers about Microsoft 365

Retention policy for Teams locations

Event-based retention, sometimes also referred to as "event-driven retention", is typically used with records management processes. This means that: Retention labels based on events also usually mark items as a record, as a part of a records management solution. For more information, see Learn about records management.

Event-based retention requires that an event occur before the retention period begins. For example, an organization might be required to keep employee performance reviews for three years after the employee's last day of employment. In this case, the employee's last day would start the retention period.

On the Settings page, under Permissions and Management, select Apply label to items in this list or library. On the Apply Label page, select the drop-down box, then select the label that you want to apply. The label you select will be automatically applied to all new files added to the document library beginning now.