Outlook Windows Preview Includes Third-Party Account Support Now
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Sep 29, 2023 11:00 AM

Outlook Windows Preview Includes Third-Party Account Support Now

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Explore the updated Outlook for Windows: Now supports Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud & IMAP for seamless third-party account integration.

In a recent blog post, Margie Clinton, Group Product Manager of the Outlook team, announced some significant enhancements to the latest Outlook for Windows preview. These changes are a response to users' feedback and represent Microsoft's continued commitment to providing a more versatile Outlook experience.

For those who have not yet tried the new Outlook version, it has been made user-friendly for the switch. There's a simple slide toggle that takes users into the trial version of this new platform; a similar movement can return users to the previous Outlook experience with no data loss.

The major breakthrough in the new update is the introduction of third-party account support. From only catering first-party accounts during the initial preview, the new Outlook now opens up to Gmail accounts. In the foreseeable future, there will also be provisions for Yahoo, iCloud, and IMAP, thereby enabling users to access all their emails in one spot.

The third-party account support is not only for email. Noticeable improvements over the classic client experience include Google Calendar and Contacts support. Further, users can now add their Gmail account by navigating to the folder pane and following the prompts to authenticate.

Microsoft's interests stretch beyond email integration. Several features have been included with functionality and fun in mind. This includes enhancements like rich editing, spelling, and auto-complete suggestions powered by Microsoft Editor, delay delivery of emails, Skype or Teams call directly from Outlook, and the capacity to pin important emails to the top of your inbox.

The new calendar also benefits from broad changes such as Google calendar support, ability to add multiple shared calendars, support for multiple time zones, and introduction of weather in Calendar view. Users will also find the new email density and view customization appealing.

Microsoft pledges to continue taking into consideration user feedback and introduce the following:

  • Numerous visual updates and personalisation options.
  • A revamp of the calendar surface with bolder colours.
  • Introduction of Yahoo, iCloud and IMAP email account support.
  • Offline features for accessing content without an Internet connection
  • Native ICS file type support.

For more information, visit this page.

The new update will look great in dark mode and is shinning a beacon to the future of the platform, having being constructed on a modern codebase.

A Deeper Outlook!

This latest update underscores Microsoft's strategy of continuously improving its offerings based on user feedback. By integrating third-party email accounts into the platform, the corporation proves its responsiveness to make the communication application more user-friendly

Moreover, introducing features such as delay delivery of emails, pinning essential emails at the top of the inbox, or revamping the calendar entirely shows Microsoft's commitment to creating a platform that suits the diverse needs of users.

With promises of introducing offline feature and native ICS file type support, users will be watching eagerly as Microsoft continues its quest to improve the engagement and interaction of the communication platform.

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Outlook - Outlook Windows Preview Includes Third-Party Account Support Now

Learn about Windows Outlook Preview Now Includes Third-Party Account Support

The post primarily regards a fresh update on Windows Outlook, its extended support for third-party accounts, and its various new features. Microsoft's Group Product Manager, Margie Clinton, shares exciting tidbits about the latest upgrades to the Outlook for Windows.

The first major highlight concerns the expanded email account compatibility of the new Windows email client. Earlier, it exclusively supported first-party accounts from Microsoft. In contrast, the updated version incorporates support for Gmail accounts, with Yahoo and iCloud to follow soon. Microsoft's aim is to centralize email management for users with diverse accounts on a single platform.

What's more, the upgrade encompasses an enhancement over the preceding client experience, which lacked support for Google Calendar or Contacts. In the improved Windows email client, a third-party account user like Gmail can harness their account's additional functionalities. Sharing this was a popular demand, and fulfilling it was made possible due to the modern codebase of the new Windows email client.

Let's turn our attention to some newly-added features designed to make crafting and managing emails more simplified and enjoyable. The update includes rich editing, spelling, and auto-complete suggestions powered by Microsoft Editor. Other features include a delay in email delivery, an option to join a Skype or Teams call directly from the client, and the ability to pin vital emails to the top of your inbox - a functionality that helps not miss important communications.

The Calendar has received a fresh facelift as well. It now supports Google Calendar, multiple shared calendars, and multiple time zones with the inclusion of daily weather in Calendar view. Other features aimed to facilitate improved organization involve - the ability to check flight status or track packages directly from your inbox, reminders for vital unreplied messages, search folders, and an option to customize email density and views.

However, the work isn't over. Microsoft has several future plans in the pipeline, like visual updates and personalization options. Further, they aim to focus on refining the calendars look with more vibrant colors and improved readability. They are also planning to include support for Yahoo, iCloud, and IMAP email accounts, an offline support feature, and native ICS file type support.

This update is staged to be on-line and is anticipated to reach all new Outlook for Windows users in the following days and weeks. However, please brace for some delay in receiving these improvements as they roll out over some time to ensure smooth functioning. Remember, you can also voice your suggestions, feedback, or post queries via Help > Feedback  in your application. So, let's toggle into this enriched experience now!

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