Windows 11 Update: Copilot, AI-Powered Paint Feature Now Available
Sep 27, 2023 2:00 PM

Windows 11 Update: Copilot, AI-Powered Paint Feature Now Available

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Discover the latest Windows 11 update with innovative features like AI-powered Paint, Copilot, and more by Microsoft.

Microsoft Posts reports on the release of a major update for Windows 11. This new version includes Windows Copilot, AI-powered updates for Paint, Snipping Tool, and Photos alongside RGB lighting support and modernized File Explorer among others.

  • Microsoft highlighting the release of Windows 11 23H2 in the fourth quarter.
  • Copilot feature being the centerpiece of this update.
  • Gradual rollout of new features such as Passkeys and Voice Access.
  • Updating and improving existing apps like Microsoft Paint.
  • Possible delay in availability of some features.

Just last week, we announced exciting innovation coming not just on Windows, but across Surface, Microsoft 365, Bing and the new Microsoft Copilot. Starting today, there is even more product innovation available for our customers in the September Windows update.

Ready to upgrade or buy a new PC but not sure how to make the shift quickly and easily? Windows Backup is there to support you every step of the way. In a hurry to make a healthy meal plan for the week and finding the time to do so is challenging? Copilot in Windows can make building the plan and creating the shopping list a breeze. Want to unleash your inner creative and brand that side hustle you’ve been thinking about? Powerful creator tools make it easier and faster to bring your ideas to life. And there’s more. We’re expanding our voice access capabilities and bringing natural voices to Narrator ensuring Windows is accessible by default, and we’re making it even easier to stay secure with features like Passkey adoption and enhanced security features for IT pros and the businesses they protect.

The spotlight shines on the new feature, Windows Copilot, which integrates Bing Chat directly into the Windows 11 desktop. Displayed as a sidebar, Copilot allows manipulation of PC settings, launching of apps, and answering of queries. Microsoft is working on integrating Copilot into several areas of Windows to improve user experience.

The new updates certainly promise a radical shift in how users interact with their PCs brought about by AI-powered digital assistance, striving to achieve Microsoft's vision for the future.

We’re excited to announce that we are updating our most popular inbox apps like Paint, Snipping Tool, Notepad and more with AI capabilities optimized for digital creation.

To enhance your work with even greater creativity, we’re bringing layers and intuitive background removal to Paint. But that’s not all: the Paint Cocreator preview² will become available to Windows Insiders starting tomorrow with general availability for all customers in the coming weeks. Cocreator unleashes your creativity by simply inputting a text prompt, selecting a style and generating a unique image. You can then use the array of other tools in Paint to further refine your creation, whether it’s adding layers or drawing on top.

Increased User Control and Enhanced User Experience with Windows 11's New Update

With the introduction of Microsoft's new Windows 11 content update, users are now presented with unprecedented control over their PC's settings, apps, and services utilization. This is largely credited to the integration of the new Windows Copilot feature, which promises significantly easier navigation and operation.

This update also showcases advanced AI-powered updates for Paint, Snipping Tool, and Photos, extending more creative control to users. With the inclusion of RGB lighting support and a modernized File Explorer, the update unequivocally pushes for a more interactive, highly personalized, and user-friendly interaction.

Microsoft's vision for AI-powered digital assistance is increasingly realized with Copilot, alongside their aspiration for enhancing the overall user experience.

Learn about Windows 11’s next big update is now available with Copilot, AI-powered Paint, and more

Microsoft has rolled out a substantial update for Windows 11. This update includes the new Windows Copilot, AI-enhanced versions of Paint, Snipping Tool, and Photos, RGB lighting support, and a redefined File Explorer, to name a few features.

  • Copilot is the headline feature of this Windows 11 update. As an integrated part of many Windows 11 facilities, it takes the functionality of Bing Chat and embeds it within the Windows 11 desktop. Copilot operates as a sidebar, allowing users to manage PC settings, launch applications, and answer queries directly from their desktop.

  • Microsoft has significantly improved and modernized the Snipping Tool, Paint, and Photos, with AI power. Users can now expect a more intuitive and immersive experience while using these tools.

  • In addition to the RGB lighting support, this update also brings a more modern look to the File Explorer, enriching the overall user experience.

To further explore these updates, individuals are advised to visit Microsoft's official blogs, participate in forums, or engage in relevant training courses. Microsoft often provides detailed tutorials and guides following major updates to their system, helping users navigate the new features. Those interested in Microsoft's technological advances might find a course on AI applications in operating systems insightful.

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