Windows 11 Major Annual Update 2023 - Biggest Changes (23H2)
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Nov 3, 2023 10:00 AM

Windows 11 Major Annual Update 2023 - Biggest Changes (23H2)

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Navigate Windows 11 Major Annual Update 2023 with expert insights - unfold new features, improvements, and how to get it all now.

Windows 11 Major Annual Update 2023: An Update Overview

The YouTube video by Thio Joe offers an in-depth exploration of changes brought by the annual 2023 update of Windows 11, also known as version 23H2. The video hints at how drastically the operating system environment has transformed since the September update More info here.

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:30 - How to Get It
  • 0:52 - Snipping Tool Audio Recording
  • 1:29 - MS Paint CoCreator
  • 3:11 - System Components Menu
  • 4:07 - Live Captions New Languages
  • 4:19 - 3D Emojis
  • 4:36 - Dev Drives
  • 5:12 - Chat Replaced

The discussion explores key new features - Copilot, a powerful AI-assistant designed for enhancing creativity and productivity. It also touches on passwordless sign-in options using Windows Hello for Business or FIDO2 security keys. Other enhancements include increased firewall capabilities, such as Application Control for Business and more granular Windows Firewall logging for different profiles.

Further enhancements highlighted in the video include the ability to customize Windows 11 taskbar buttons using new policies and Snipping Tool updates, like audio and mic support. The tutorial details text extraction and redaction functionality to protect privacy and remove confidential or sensitive information.

  • A more seamless File Explorer with native support for different file compression formats.
  • Recommendations on Start Menu based on browsing history.
  • New volume mixer settings for easy control of the volume and audio output.
  • Federated sign-in for Windows 11 Education editions.
  • Introduction of Dev Drive for improved storage performance for developer workloads.
How to get the Windows 11 2023 Update
This update continues the annual Windows 11 feature update cadence, with new feature updates released in the second half of the calendar year.

Moreover, deciding which version of the operating system is suitable for your organizations has been well-articulated using an enablement package strategy. Businesses are advised to validate their applications, devices, and infrastructure with the new Windows 11 release. The strategy allows for a fast, easy installation process, reducing downtime.

The video underlines the significance of feedback, stating that based on user insights, all deployment, security, and other managed tools have been updated. It offers access to a bunch of tools helping with the successful deployment of Windows 11, which is important, given new versions are released once a year.

In terms of Commerce support, Windows 11 23H2 offers 36 months of support, giving IT teams more time to focus on other projects. However, Home and Pro editions receive 24 months of support. Towards the end, the video highlights the availability of services like Windows Autopatch, a part of Windows Enterprise E3, which delivers both feature and quality updates alongside other Microsoft application updates.

Conclusively, the video served as a comprehensive guide to the latest major update and deployment of Windows 11, providing valuable insights for businesses and casual users alike.

Learn about Biggest Changes 

The YouTube video under discussion pertains to the Windows 11 2023 update, providing a comprehensive view of the new changes and improvements introduced. By training itself in specific subjects related to this topic, readers can gain a better understanding of the content. This includes knowing about the update process, understanding multiple features involved, and comprehending the system security enhancements. Let's delve deeper.

Firstly, familiarizing oneself with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and Windows Update for Business can be beneficial, particularly relating to downloading and updating processes. To learn about this, examination of Microsoft’s official guidelines and training videos, or enrolment in related online courses on platforms like Coursera and Udemy could be useful.

Next, acknowledging the continuous innovations brought about by the update is crucial. The functionality offered by Copilot in this new update, an AI-powered intelligent assistant, demands focus, alongside understanding the passwordless login functionality, heightened Firewall capabilities, and advances in taskbar search experience. Microsoft Learn is an excellent repository for comprehensive study materials on these topics.

In addition, comprehension of the improvement in the Snipping Tool and related enhancements is essential. Here, the primary focus should be on understanding audio and mic support and text extraction and redaction. Various tutorials and online blogs discussing these new features can be instrumental in educating oneself about these aspects.

  • Learning about additional enhancements, such as taskbar icon ungrouping and showing labels, Start Menu recommended websites, and File Explorer improvements, is another vital aspect that should not be missed. Microsoft’s official guide or various discussion forums can be of great assistance in understanding these features.
  • Understanding Dev Drive is another crucial element, a new form of storage volume designed for enhancing performance. It primarily involves recognizing the storage volume settings and security aspects. For training in this area, Microsoft's documentations or various online forums can help.

The process of updating devices already running the previous OS to the latest version must also be understood. This includes knowing the enablement package's workings and still understanding the process for devices that are still running on Windows 10. Official Microsoft guides are the best sources for these details.

To enlighten oneself more about the various tools updated or refreshed as part of the deployment, it would be ideal to enrol in a dedicated Microsoft course or refer to the updated tool list on the official Microsoft site.

  • Lastly, staying updated with the servicing schedule, lifecycle support details, and the Windows AutoPatch feature can be quite beneficial. Understanding these aspects would give one a better idea about how frequently updates are released and the kind of assistance period one can expect. A thorough read-through of the Windows lifecycle FAQ and the Windows Autopatch guide can be quite informative in this regard.

Understanding these topics can provide a thorough comprehension of the major annual update on Windows 11 in 2023, and no additional questions should remain on the subject.


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