Why can't I use Microsoft Fabric?
Microsoft Fabric
Jun 5, 2023 11:00 AM

Why can't I use Microsoft Fabric?

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You've heard about all the great things with Microsoft Fabric, but you don't see it in the portal. You only see the Power BI items and no persona switcher. What

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Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric integrates Azure Data Factory (ADF) and Power Query Dataflows into a single, comprehensive data integration solution. ADF, traditionally a data ingestion tool with powerful control flow capabilities, gets a transformational upgrade through the integration with Power Query. Power Query simplifies data transformations with its user-friendly interface and powerful data transformation language, M.

This fusion in Data Factory effectively eliminates the earlier trade-off between simplicity and scalability in data transformations. Now, both Power Query's transformation abilities and ADF's control flow capabilities and scalability can be leveraged simultaneously, making Data Factory a state-of-the-art ETL software-as-a-service offering

Data Factory comes equipped with a wide range of data connectors, catering to numerous data sources. This vast selection enables Data Factory to extract data from diverse locations, making it a versatile tool in data integration. The creation of dataflows within Data Factory involves the transformation and loading of this extracted data into the desired destinations

Dataflows can be further enhanced by embedding them within Data Pipelines. A Data Pipeline is essentially a control flow execution component. The inclusion of Data Pipelines brings added control and monitoring to the ETL process, enhancing the efficiency and transparency of data integration tasks within the Microsoft Fabric ecosystem.





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