When to use smoothed line chart | Do's a Don'ts
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Aug 16, 2023 6:00 AM

When to use smoothed line chart | Do's a Don'ts

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The video discusses the feature of smoothing line charts introduced in the Power BI Update for July 2023. The presenter talks about the problems with this feature and gives recommendations on its best uses. Members of the channel are given exclusive access to all recorded bites as they become available. The pbix files used in the video can be downloaded from curbal.com/donwload-center. The presenter encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel to learn more about Power and Excel BI.

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Extra Details on Smooth Line Charting in Power BI

Smoothed lines in Power BI charts can be used to make charts appear less cluttered and make the data interpretation simpler. However, there are issues such as misinterpretation due to overly smoothing lines that may not accurately reflect data variances. Therefore, users are urged to apply smoothing judiciously, considering the nature of the data they are working with. Besides, subscribing to the Youtube channel and joining the channel membership not only gives access to regular updates but also enables interactive learning experience.

Learn about When to use smoothed line chart | Do's a Don'ts

Smoothed line charts have been available in Power BI since July 2023. They are useful when the underlying data is noisy and the overall trend needs to be seen more clearly. When using a smoothed line chart, it is important to bear in mind that the chart will reduce the visibility of detailed changes in the data. Smoothed line charts should be used when it is more important to see the overall trend and less important to see smaller changes in the data. It can also be helpful in situations where the underlying data points are unknown. It is important to note that any data points that are smoothed out will not be visible when looking at the chart.

When deciding whether to use a smoothed line chart, it is important to consider the context of the data. If the underlying data is noisy and the overall trend needs to be seen more clearly, then a smoothed line chart can be a useful tool. However, if the data points are known and it is important to see the detailed changes in the data, then a regular line chart should be used instead.

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