When & how to use the 30+ chart types in Power BI?
Jul 11, 2023 2:00 PM

When & how to use the 30+ chart types in Power BI?

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Power BI has a LOT of chart types. So, when & how to use these charts in data analysis situations?.

Power BI supports over 30 different chart types to aid in data analysis situations. This article provides guidelines and tips on when and how to use these numerous charts. The basic types of charts include the bar chart, column chart, line chart, area chart, pie chart, donut chart, small multiple chart, card visual, multi-row card visual, table matrix, scatter(XY) plot, animated scatter(XY) plot, waterfall chart, and tooltip pages.

  • Bar & column charts: These types of charts are best used to compare different categories. The guide includes three tips for effectively using them.
  • Line & area charts: These charts are ideal for visualizing data trends over time.
  • Pie & donut charts: Use these charts to express proportions of a whole.
  • Card visuals: Provide a minimalist and clear emphasis on a single, important data point.
  • Table & matrix visuals: Offer a clear view of raw data figures, with the latter providing paneled, two-dimensional views.
  • Scatter Plots (XY): This chart is useful to display relationships between different variables.
  • Waterfall chart: Provides a visual representation of cumulative effects.

More detailed explanations and downloadable sample files are available at chandoo.org/wp/powerbi-when-to-use-whic…. The referenced video also deeply expounds on these chart visuals.

More On Power BI Chart Types

Power BI provides a rich variety of chart types to help interpret data in a meaningful, easy-to-understand format. Knowing when to use the right chart is a critical data analysis skill. Line and area charts, for instance, are better suited for representing data trends over time, while pie and donut charts are used to show proportions of a whole. Tools like Card Visuals place focus on single, significant data points. More complex charts like the scatter(XY) plot and the waterfall chart offer further deep-dive analysis capabilities, helping to uncover relationships between variables and breakdown of cumulative impact, respectively.

Learn about When & how to use the 30+ chart types in Power BI?

When and how to use the 30+ chart types in Power BI? Choosing the right chart type for data visualization is important for understanding the data. In this video, we will cover the basics of Power BI's 15 chart types, and the situations in which they can be used. These chart types include Bar and Column charts, Line and Area charts, Pie and Donut charts, Card visuals, Table and Matrix visuals, XY (Scatter) Plots, and Waterfall charts. We will also provide tips on other visuals, and a sample file with further explanation can be found at chandoo.org/wp/powerbi-when-to-use-which-chart/. By the end of this video, the viewer will have a better understanding of when and how to use each of the different chart types in Power BI.

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