What’s new: Power Apps November 2023 Feature Update
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Dec 1, 2023 3:00 AM

What’s new: Power Apps November 2023 Feature Update

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Discover Nov 2023 Power Apps: Cards, New Formula Bar, Named Formulas GA & Copilot Expansions!

Welcome to the Power Apps November 2023 feature update. Microsoft deliver a quick roundup of the latest enhancements in our platform, aimed at boosting productivity and security. This month, they launched updates that impact both creators of applications and their end-users.


  • Cards for Power Apps are supported for application lifecycle management (ALM) and DLP 

Maker Productivity

  • Improved Power Fx Formula Bar is now on by default for new apps
  • Unleash seamless integration and advanced insights with Dataverse Link to Fabric 
  • Named Formulas is now GA 
  • Cards for Power Apps flow Connector is Generally Available 

End User Productivity

  • Extend Microsoft Copilot with Power Platform Plugins 


Among the exciting new features, we have Cards updates, the rollout of the revamped Formula Bar, Named Formulas now generally available, and significant improvements to Copilot. These upgrades focus on better integration, advanced insights, and extended capabilities for application lifecycle management (ALM) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Creators can now build solution-aware Cards within Power Apps, streamlining the ALM process. Additionally, administrators have more control over card access through security roles and DLP policies. To learn more, explore how Cards are now solution-aware, enhancing application lifecycle management.

Improving Maker Productivity, the new Power Fx Formula Bar is now the default for all new apps. This familiar interface mirrors the experience in Visual Studio Code with enhanced features. Developers will find improved signature help, more formula suggestions, and more responsive color highlighting for a better overall experience.

For a seamless integration and insights experience, Dataverse Link to Fabric provides a single-click solution to make Dataverse tables available in Fabric. No ETL is required! You can create advanced analytics, run SQL queries, and even integrate with Power BI without the need to refresh datasets.

Named Formulas have reached general availability, streamlining app modularization and potentially boosting performance and maintainability. Makers should definitely check out this feature for building more complex applications. For a more detailed insight into this feature, the Power Apps learning center offers extensive resources.

The connector for Cards in Power Apps now reaches general availability, enhancing the possibilities with micro-apps across enterprise systems. This update allows creators to initiate Cards workflows directly within the Cards Studio UX and deploy them in platforms such as Teams. Customize and share these cards to chat, channels, or specific users with ease.


End-users aren't left out; they too get productivity enhancements with the expansion of Microsoft Copilot via Power Platform Plugins, announced at Ignite. Now connected to over 1,100 live connectors, creators can integrate these as plugins across applications. The possibilities for app creation have expanded, building upon the Copilot extensibility story.

For developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISV), this is an opportunity to engage a vast audience by enabling existing connectors as plugins in Microsoft 365 and Power Apps Copilots. Power Platform's rich ecosystem now stretches to support the creation of innovative apps and flows. For more insights, dive into how Copilot extensibility evolves with Microsoft Dataverse.

Updates don't stop with features; our documentation also received new information and improvements. We're consistently seeking feedback for enhancements, and we invite you to participate in the conversation. We hope you find these new updates as exciting as we do!

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People also ask

What are the Powerapps updates 2023?

In 2023, Power Apps received various updates enhancing its capabilities and user experience. Key updates included AI-assisted development features, improved data integration options, enhanced customizability for app makers, and performance optimizations for both canvas and model-driven apps. Furthermore, Microsoft introduced new connectors and continued expanding support for virtual agents within Power Apps.

What is the future of Microsoft Power Apps?

Looking towards the future, Microsoft Power Apps is set to further integrate with the broader Microsoft 365 ecosystem, emphasizing seamless collaboration and increased automation capabilities. Expect continued innovation in AI and machine learning integrations, which will make it easier for users to create sophisticated applications with minimal coding. Scalability and cross-platform availability are also likely to be high-priority development areas, ensuring Power Apps remains a versatile tool for enterprises of all sizes.

What are the features of Powerapps?

Power Apps boasts features such as a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, pre-built templates, and quick deployment options. It supports complex business logic and integrates with Microsoft Dataverse, enabling rich data storage and policies. The platform offers connectivity to various data sources, AI components, and mixed reality, while providing robust security and governance. Accessibility and customizability are also core features, allowing creators to design apps that work well for all users across devices.

What is the new look and feel of model-driven apps?

The new look and feel of model-driven apps in 2023 focuses on streamlining the user interface, enhancing user experience with a modernized design approach that includes updated icons, color palettes, and improved navigation structures. Microsoft has aimed to make the UI more intuitive and responsive, ensuring that the aesthetics are aligned with current design trends and that applications are more accessible to users across various devices.




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