What’s new: Power Apps March 2024 Feature Update
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Apr 2, 2024 2:04 AM

What’s new: Power Apps March 2024 Feature Update

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March 2024 Power Apps Update: New Features for Makers, Admins & Users!

Key insights


  • Enterprise Security Enhancements: A new whitepaper details aligning Power Platform with enterprise security practices, introducing hierarchical security models, and hiding legacy web client apps for admins.
  • Maker Productivity Boon: Introduction of inline actions for canvas apps, direct calling of SQL Server stored procs in Power Apps (Preview release), and general availability announcement of built-in Dataverse offline for canvas apps.
  • Advanced Power Fx Functions: Updates include combining tables with the Power Fx Table function, introduction of Power Fx EncodeHTML, JSON function FlattenValueTables option, and the UniChar function.
  • Enhanced End User Experience: Power apps mobile users can now set an app as a startup app, significantly boosting productivity and improving user experience for frequent app users.
  • Documentation Updates & Feedback Encouragement: Release of new documentation and updates to existing ones, alongside an open call for community feedback to continue improving Power Apps.

Exploring the Latest Innovations in Power Apps

Microsoft's Power Apps continues to evolve, offering businesses a platform to create custom applications tailored to their specific needs with minimal coding. The March 2024 feature update brings significant enhancements across security, productivity for makers and end users, and introduces advanced functionalities with Power Fx. 

The release focuses on enhancing security with the Power Platform through a new whitepaper: Enterprise Security. It discusses how the hierarchical security model benefits data access and management. Additionally, the update seeks to improve Maker productivity with several new features such as inline actions for canvas apps and direct SQL Server stored procedures calls within Power Apps (Preview).



  • Whitepaper: Enterprise Security with Power Platform
  • Hierarchical security model
  • Legacy web client app hiding for admins

Maker Productivity

  • Introducing inline actions for canvas apps
  • Directly call SQL Server stored procs in Power Apps (Preview release)
  • Announcing General Availability of built-in Dataverse offline for canvas apps
  • Combining tables with the Power Fx Table function
  • Power Fx EncodeHTML function
  • Power Fx JSON function FlattenValueTables option
  • Power Fx UniChar function

End User Productivity

  • Power apps mobile users (Makers / End users) can set an app as a startup app.


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People also ask

What's new in PowerApps?

Copilot in Power Apps is revolutionizing the app creation journey by serving as an AI companion. It supports users right from managing the backing data to crafting the design of the app. The incorporation of Copilot has led to a remarkable increase in success rate by 60% for users, alongside boosting their satisfaction levels by 65% compared to those who haven't used Copilot.

What is the future of power app?

The integration of AI with Power Apps is set to redefine the landscape of business applications, driving a future where app development is more democratized. This evolution promises more advanced, tailored, and efficient solutions, signifying a shift not just in business applications but in the business paradigm itself.

Is Power Apps deprecated?

As of September 2022, Microsoft announced the deprecation of Power Apps for Windows 8. Even though Microsoft will continue to roll out security and critical updates until September 20, 2022, there will be no further development of features or functionalities for this version of the app.

Is Power Pages replacing Power Apps?

Power Pages and Power Apps cater to different needs and are not interchangeable. While Power Apps focuses on enhancing internal business tools and automations, Power Pages is designed for developing external websites and portals. They each have unique capabilities tailored to serve distinct audience needs.



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