2024 Power Apps January Update: Latest Features Unveiled
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Feb 1, 2024 1:00 PM

2024 Power Apps January Update: Latest Features Unveiled

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Unlock the Latest Power Apps Jan 2024 Updates: Enhanced Maker & End-User Features Unveiled

Key insights

💪 Trust
  • ✅ Announcing General availability of Power Platform Customer managed key auto key rotation with Azure key vault key versioning.
🔥 Maker Productivity
  • ✅ Building new apps and tables with Maker Copilot is now available worldwide 
  • ✅ Drag and drop controls within and between containers! 
  • ✅ Create Formula columns using Natural Language 
  • ✅ Inactive editor capability now available in Canvas Copresence 
  • ✅ Dependent Assembly is now Generally Available 
  • ✅ New Performant APIs are now Generally Available
😇 End User Productivity
  • ✅ Optimize screens for mobile devices with stunning native UI/UX 
  • ✅ 2023 recap and what is coming for modern controls in 2024 
  • ✅ Announcing seamless Dataverse image and file support in canvas offline apps

What's New in Power Apps

Microsoft's Power Apps continues to evolve, offering a suite of enhancements designed to streamline the app development process and improve user experience. With its January 2024 update, Power Apps has introduced several key features that cater to both developers and end users. The introduction of auto key rotation for customer-managed keys signifies a leap forward in data protection, allowing businesses to secure their data with ease. The global availability of Maker Copilot democratizes app creation, making it accessible and efficient for users irrespective of their technical expertise.

The updates this month cater to a diverse group including makers, Copilot users, professional developers, and end users. These developments are part of an ongoing effort to improve user experience and productivity within the Power Apps ecosystem.

  • General availability of Power Platform Customer managed key auto key rotation with Azure key vault key versioning.
  • Maker Copilot now available worldwide for building new apps and tables.
  • Enhanced drag and drop control within and between containers.
  • Natural Language for creating Formula columns.
  • Canvas Copresence's inactive editor capability.
  • Dependent Assembly feature for developers.
  • New Performant APIs for improved operations.

For end users, there's a particular focus on optimizing screens for mobile devices, providing a native UI/UX experience. The 2023 recap also hints at what's coming in modern controls for 2024. Additionally, seamless support for Dataverse images and file in canvas offline apps has been announced, demonstrating a commitment to enhanced data management and user experience.


"What is the future of power app?"

Answer: The integration of Power Apps with Artificial Intelligence offers significant potential for enhancing business operations. For example, a manufacturing firm could employ AI to anticipate equipment breakdowns using past data. Consequently, Power Apps could leverage this information to automate the scheduling of maintenance tasks.

"What are the possibilities of power apps?"

Answer: Power Apps offers a range of capabilities including a drag-and-drop workflow editor for crafting customized workflows, readily available templates for common workflows, workflow-specific emails and alerts, scheduling options for workflows, and real-time dashboards displaying workflow status, progression, deadlines, etc.

"Is Power apps in the cloud?"

Answer: Power Apps is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, enabling the use of enterprise data stored either on a unified data platform like Microsoft Dataverse or across various data sources, including SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, or Microsoft SQL Server.



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