Microsoft Power Apps August 2023 Update: Expert Analysis on Latest Features
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Sep 6, 2023 10:30 AM

Microsoft Power Apps August 2023 Update: Expert Analysis on Latest Features

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Discover the August 2023 updates for Power Apps including enhancements for makers, unique security features, and Model-Driven app updates to improve user produc

The Power Apps monthly feature for August 2023 brings exciting product, community, and learning updates. The updates span across various aspects including enhancements for makers, security and monitor improvements, and updates to Model-Driven apps for end users. The platform continues to improve and simplify, with updates in Trust, Maker, and End User Productivity.

  • Trust: Access Check feature is now available to let you view all users who have access to a record. This improves collaboration experience and reduces support calls.
  • Maker Productivity: The new Power Apps home page, featuring a modern design, is now generally available. It comes with expanded Copilot access, offering more intuitive ways of creating tables.
  • Power Platform: Support for Visual Studio is now generally available. You can now create a custom connector to your Power Platform environment from within Visual Studio.
  • End User Productivity: Update for model-driven apps including modern app side pane tabs and modern multi-session tabs features. A simpler format for testing channels is also now available.

This update sees Monitor for model-driven apps back and promising a useful debugging experience. The troubleshooting tool offers collaborative debugging feature to model-driven apps where it invites users to join a monitoring session thereby enabling analyzing another user's model-driven app session in a secure channel.

The new Power Apps home page promises a user-friendly experience featuring the latest AI Copilot app creation flow and simplified “Start from” options for easy application creation to meet your business needs. Enhanced features also prompt users to confirm the completion of the Copilot app setup to avoid running into issues.

Finally, the monthly release introduces new features to the model-driven apps such as modern app side pane tabs and modern multi-session tabs to enhance user experience. Some changes in the test parameter channel are also introduced to simplify the format. Ongoing updates are expected to further refine and enhance the platform's functionality.

Take-away points

The Power Apps August 2023 feature update offers new features and improvements. This includes trustworthy and reliable system access checks, enhancements in the Maker Productivity aspect with the new Power Apps home page and expanded Copilot access, and the General Power Platform compatibility with Visual Studio. Moreover, there are updates to model-driven apps for end-user productivity, promising a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

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The main topic discusses the Power Apps August 2023 Feature Update. This blog post shares updates related to the product, the user community, and learning progressions that have happened throughout the month. These updates consist of improvements for app makers, enhancements to security and monitoring features, and new additions to model-driven apps for end users. Moreover, the update also focuses on the simplification and enhancements of the platform, including Trust, Maker and End User Productivity, as well as a range of tools like new video and document content for aiding the adoption and optimization of Power Apps within organizations. Finally, the blog provides information on the new functionalities that have been made available such as the ability to view all users with access to a record, highlighting its significance in improving collaboration and reducing support calls.

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