October 2023 Sales Copilot Updates - Dynamic Bitestitle
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Oct 26, 2023 1:00 PM

October 2023 Sales Copilot Updates - Dynamic Bitestitle

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Discover the latest updates in Sales Copilot October 2023 release, including API integrations and experience enhancements.

In the video titled "What's New in Sales Copilot - October 2023 | Dynamic Bites", Microsoft enthusiastically presents the latest updates of their product. Delivering important information regarding general availability features and monthly enhancements, the video provides a comprehensive breakdown of what was introduced in the October release for the sales software.

The video starts with an introduction and quickly moves on to recollect changes from July and August. Some noteworthy improvements in the interface include enhancements to the Outlook integration, the capability to save summaries to Admin Configured records and experience enhancements in the Generate Content section.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:13 July & August Recap
  • 00:20 Outook Enhancements
  • 00:30 Save summaries to Admin Configured records
  • 01:03 Generate Content: Few experience enhancements
  • 02:03 Save-to-CRM: Records tupe filter
  • 02:22 Power platform admin automatically set as DV admin
  • 02:52 Extensibility
  • 03:02 People.ai API integration
  • 03:39 Viva Topics API integration
  • 04:13 New Resources
  • 05:01 Coming soon
  • 05:18 Closing comments


What's New in Sales Copilot – October 2023
Microsoft Sales Copilot is reimagining sales. Integrated seamlessly into your daily tools across Microsoft 365 and Teams, Sales Copilot

The next updates feature elements specifically designed to simplify the user's experience. These include the Save-to-CRM feature through which specific record types can be filtered, and setting Power platform admins automatically as DV admins, thus eliminating time-consuming manual work.

The video also details a new feature under the label "Extensibility". A new push towards integrating the software with external platforms is made apparent as People.ai API and Viva Topics API integrations are introduced. This aims to expand the capabilities of the Microsoft sales tool, integrating it more smoothly with other business tools.

Going forward, the video highlights newly added resources and gives a sneak peek into upcoming additions. Afterward, the presentation wraps up with summing up points and a promise to continue improving the software. The entire session was conducted by presenters Amira Beldjilali and Corina Balan.

The Dynamics 365 Community can be joined by interested users for further information, discussions, and support.

Sales Copilot by Microsoft

The Sales Copilot by Microsoft represents a powerful tool in modern business, allowing effective sales management. This software continues to introduce new updates and modifications to facilitate the users. The October 2023 version introduces several enhancements in features and user experience, while also integrating with other platforms like People's ai and Viva Topics. The developers' efforts seem to lean towards a more streamlined and encompassing software that can cater to the needs of an ever-evolving business world.


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