Latest Microsoft Teams Update: Features & Tools 2023
Nov 30, 2023 4:00 AM

Latest Microsoft Teams Update: Features & Tools 2023

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Delivered by Microsoft UK Customer Success Managers, this channel was created to show the art of the possible with Microsoft Teams and M365. We hope by watching these sessions, you will be inspired to

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Explore Newest Microsoft Teams Features: Blur, Channels, Webinars & Fun Games!

Discover the new updates in Microsoft Teams, including Portrait Blur and a revamped Channels interface, in 'Teams in 20.' This informative video provides the audience with an overview of the latest enhancements that aim to enhance your collaboration and productivity. The new features create a more enjoyable and efficient working environment.

Learn to focus the camera on you with Portrait Blur, experience the redesigned Channels, access webinar recordings with ease, and engage in team-building games. October 2023 marks the transition to the new Microsoft Teams, offering a revamped experience that’s faster and more reliable for users on Windows and Mac OS. Turn on the 'Try the new Teams' option to explore the new landscape.

'Meet' in Microsoft Teams consolidates meeting preparation materials, recordings, conversations, and summaries in one place. To utilize this feature, search for and add 'Meet' from the Teams app bar under more added apps. Microsoft Teams now supports large virtual events with its 'town hall' feature, capable of hosting thousands of participants for extended durations.

Enhance your meeting understanding with live translated transcripts, a Teams Premium feature providing transcripts in over 30 languages. Portrait Blur can now spotlight you during meetings by softly blurring the background. Also, new channels now offer improved conversation views and a refined compose box search function.

Sync your Outlook contacts via the Teams People App, offering easy management and filtering options. Share channels more effectively by inviting external organizations through pre-set admin requests. Lastly, Virtual Appointments in Teams Premium now include SMS notifications, providing confirmations and reminders in the US.

  • New Microsoft Teams updates with Portrait Blur and updated channel experiences
  • Enhanced collaboration features for a fun and productive work environment
  • Introduction of the revamped Microsoft Teams with improved performance
  • 'Meet' in Teams centralizes meeting resources for better organization
  • Hosting large-scale virtual events with the 'town hall' feature in Teams
  • Live translated transcripts in more than 30 languages for inclusive communication
  • Direct focus on you in meetings with the Portrait Blur effect
  • Sync and manage Outlook contacts with the People App in Teams
  • Ease of sharing with external organizations through shared channels in Teams
  • SMS notifications for Virtual Appointments in the US via Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams: The Hub for Collaborative Productivity

Microsoft Teams has positioned itself as the central platform for collaborative productivity, constantly evolving with features that cater to the dynamic needs of modern workplaces. From enhancing personal presentation through Portrait Blur to accommodating massive company-wide town halls, Teams’ innovative updates facilitate a seamless integration of communication tools catered to improve efficiency and engagement. With each advancement, Teams ensures that it remains an integral part of collaborative efforts in organizations around the world.

Teams - Latest Microsoft Teams Update: Features & Tools 2023

Learn about What's New in Microsoft Teams? Portrait Blur, New Channel Experience, Webinar Recordings, Games ....

Latest Microsoft Teams Updates

Exploring the recent enhancements to Microsoft Teams, this video presentation delves into a variety of new features designed to improve both enjoyment and productivity during collaboration. These updates include innovative ways to manage your visual presence in meetings and an enriched channel experience. Moreover, the functionality extends to easier access and sharing of webinar recordings along with the introduction of team-building games.

Announced in October 2023, users are encouraged to transition to the updated Microsoft Teams platform, which promises enhanced features and performance upgrades. This new version is touted as being more intuitive, faster, and stable, and is available for both Windows and Mac OS users. Users can activate the new experience by toggling the "Try the new Teams" option within their Teams window.

An improved section within Teams, dubbed Meet, serves as a one-stop-shop for meeting preparations, including storage for recordings, chats, and summaries, streamlining the workflow for meeting-related tasks. Enhanced large-scale virtual event management is facilitated through the town hall feature, accommodating up to a significant number of attendees and supporting extended event durations, particularly in the Teams Premium version.

To bolster inclusivity and understanding during meetings, live translated captions are now available, providing transcripts in various languages. Notably, this feature is a component of Teams Premium. Another user-focused update is the portrait blur effect, aimed at keeping the focus on the individual by subtly blurring the background during video calls.

For webinars and town halls, adding external presenters is now more seamless, with automatic email dispatch containing a unique join link that allows direct event access. The channel experience is further improved with new features that upgrade conversation views, in-channel search, and more.

Integration across Microsoft 365 applications is prioritized by bringing Outlook contacts into Teams through the People app. This allows for efficient contact management and accessibility. Additionally, collaboration with external organizations is facilitated through internal support pages or request forms that administrators can set up in advance.

Enhancing communication for Virtual Appointments, guests will now receive SMS notifications that include confirmations, updates, reminders, and direct links to join the appointment, though this service is currently limited to US-based individuals and requires Teams Premium.

Summary of Enhancements to Collaboration Software

Recent updates to collaboration platforms emphasize user-centric improvements. These enhancements foster better meeting experiences through innovative background effects, translated captions, and detailed preparation hubs. Organizing large-scale events is more efficient with features supporting extensive attendee capacities and lengthy durations. Communication with external presenters and organizations is streamlined, and integration across services consolidates contact management. Through these advancements, collaborative software is becoming more immersive, inclusive, and interconnected, favoring productivity and ease of use.

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