February 2024 Update: Latest Features in Microsoft Teams
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Mar 1, 2024 3:13 AM

February 2024 Update: Latest Features in Microsoft Teams

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Explore Feb 2024s Microsoft Teams updates: Enhanced Chat, Premium Security & more. Discover how to boost collaboration & security!

Key insights



  • Enhanced Chat with Copilot: The new Copilot app in Microsoft Teams enhances AI prompts, chat history access, and a prompts library. (Requires Microsoft 365 Copilot license)
  • Activity Feed Refinements: Users can now easily remove items from their activity feed and adjust notification settings for relevant updates.
  • Revamped Together Mode: Together mode now offers streamlined content sharing, focusing better on meeting participants.
  • Teams Premium Security on Android: Teams Rooms on Android devices now include end-to-end encryption, sensitivity labels, and watermarking. (Requires Teams Premium license)
  • Mobile Improvements: Android Auto support and the ability to add Teams app shortcuts to the mobile home screen facilitate meeting access and app usage on the go.

Exploring the Latest Updates in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has rolled out several updates in February 2024 to enhance user experience and security across various platforms, including Android devices and Windows PCs. These updates introduce advanced features like the Copilot app for enhanced chat functionalities, allowing users to access a comprehensive library of AI-generated prompts and their chat history. Significant refinements in the activity feed enable users to focus on the most relevant notifications by removing unnecessary items and customizing notification settings.


Key Highlights

  • Enhanced Chat with Copilot: Improved AI prompts, chat history, and a prompt library. (Requires Microsoft 365 Copilot license)
  • Activity Feed Refinements: Control what you see and fine-tune notifications.
  • Revamped Together Mode: Better focus on participants during content sharing.
  • Teams Premium Security on Android: Meeting protection like encryption, labels and watermarking. (Requires Teams Premium license)
  • Android Teams Rooms Upgrades: Customizable views, new calendar, and Windows PC control.
  • Mobile Improvements: Android Auto support and Teams app shortcuts.

Other Notable Updates

  • Teams Phone: Private second phone numbers.
  • Webinars & Town Halls: Improved registration and meeting options.
  • Collaborative Apps: New and updated apps from Culture Amp, EY, SAP, and more.
  • Frontline Workers: Better announcement targeting and hierarchy setup.
  • Virtual Appointments: SMS notifications via Graph API (Teams Premium required for organizers).


The introduction of revamped Together Mode has made content sharing during meetings more efficient, ensuring that participants remain the focal point. Teams Rooms on Android devices have received substantial security upgrades with the implementation of Teams Premium features like end-to-end encryption and watermarking, improving meeting protection. Moreover, mobile improvements, including Android Auto support and the option to add app shortcuts to the home screen, have streamlined the user experience for individuals on the move, facilitating easier access to meetings and app functionalities.


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Will your Teams app be upgraded to the new Teams in the beginning of January 2024?

The upgrade to the new version of Teams will be conducted smoothly, enabling users to retain familiar features. The existing Teams desktop app will remain fully operational without any disruption until the transition in January 2024.

What is new with Teams new?

Teams meetings have been enhanced with the introduction of people-specific links for Collaborative Notes, enhancing security by offering more restricted access compared to company-wide links. This improvement complements the file-sharing policies that restrict access to specified individuals. For further information, the feature "Take meeting notes in Microsoft Teams" is recommended.

What's new in Microsoft 365 2024?

Microsoft 365's latest updates include the integration of video editing capabilities through Clipchamp, advanced collaboration features via Microsoft Loop, significant improvements to the Teams App, and the incorporation of AI through Microsoft 365 Copilot. These advancements aim to significantly boost business productivity and efficiency.




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