Latest Microsoft 365 Updates & Features - Nov 23
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Oct 31, 2023 10:30 PM

Latest Microsoft 365 Updates & Features - Nov 23

by HubSite 365 about Andy Malone [MVP]

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Get the latest on Microsoft 365 - discover its new features, OneDrive for Business, Teams 2.0, and much more from a Microsoft expert!

Our update from the YouTube video hosted by Andy Malone revolves around the novelties in Microsoft 365 for November. Malone discusses the introduction of Microsoft Co-Pilot, enhancements in the Entra ID (AzureAD), Microsoft 365's backup feature, and more importantly, the advanced capabilities of OneDrive for Business and Teams 2.0. The video stipulates the essential skills required and the incredible features on offer by the software suite. For more details on these capabilities click here.

In this episode I’ll update you with all that’s new and cool in Microsoft 365and entra ID. Microsoft Co-Pilot to Microsoft 365 Backup. I’ll take a look atall the cool features including OneDrive for Business, and the awesome Teams2.0. So if you’re looking for a quick session on what’s new and even what skillsyou’ll need to know then this is a session you’ll not want to miss.

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:01 Introducing Microsoft Co-Pilot
  • 02:26 Microsoft Teams 2.0
  • 03:44 Entra ID (AzureAD) Enhancements
  • 07:08 Date enabled Dynamic group Membership
  • 10:27 What’s New in Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  • 11:58 Introducing Microsoft 365 Backup
  • 12:54 Session conclusions

Notably, Microsoft's improved variant, also known as Microsoft 365, combined Windows 10 desktop licenses and the Intune device management solution, providing a comprehensive solution for organizations relying solely on Microsoft. The newly adopted brand, replacing the widely recognized Office 365, carries forward the legacy, maintaining service levels, applications, and subscription packages for existing customers.

Microsoft’s rebranding is slowly gaining traction since the global lockdown. The incorporation of Office 365's robust productivity features and services and Microsoft 365's platform-centric features marks the software giant's strategy of brand unification.

Clarifying the Microsoft Ecosystem

For a clear understanding, let's explore the differences between the two offerings. Microsoft Office (2013, 2016, 2019) refers to the software suites purchased upfront, with a perpetual license and are installed locally. To utilize the latest features, you need to buy a new copy of the most recent edition. Over the years, Microsoft has transitioned towards subscription-based models, with Office now available on subscription, as compared to its previous availability only to volume customers.

Microsoft 365, the former Office 365, is a cloud-based service requiring a monthly or annual subscription. It includes online versions of Microsoft tools and applications hosted on Microsoft servers, eliminating the need for local installations. As a cloud-first service, users always get automatic access to the latest features since the platform is regularly updated.

The inclusion of Microsoft cloud services, Microsoft Office, and Windows 10 in subscriptions, set Microsoft 365 to be the standard license choice for most businesses. The main advantage is the automatic updates ensuring constant access to the latest features, patches, and no more waiting for updates based on three-year cycles.

Moreover, organizing services on the cloud reduces the need for the installation of the server software or maintaining hardware. Consequently, product updates, patches, and new releases are automatic, making it convenient for the IT teams and budget-friendly for the finance department.

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