Whats new in Microsoft 365 | January Updates
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Jan 31, 2024 11:30 AM

Whats new in Microsoft 365 | January Updates

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Unlock the Latest Microsoft 365 Features - From Teams Updates to Outlook Enhancements, Discover Whats New in January 2024!

Key insights

January 2024 Updates for Microsoft 365 Highlighted Features:

  • Microsoft Teams enhances collaboration with the ability for any meeting participant to create Collaborative notes and introduces the Mute On Air feature, allowing mic control from the Windows taskbar.
  • The ability to duplicate an existing webinar for easier event creation and the implementation of policies to block users from joining externally hosted Teams meetings for added security.
  • Improvements to user experience with options to share private and shared channel links, display meeting participants' time zones, and enable Sensitivity Labels in Teams Mobile Meetings for compliance.
  • Microsoft Teams now offers Real Time Calendar Notifications and allows users to share contact information in chat for better communication and scheduling convenience.
  • Outlook updates include Coaching by Copilot for improved email writing, direct opening of attachments in desktop apps, and OneDrive for Business integration within Outlook on the web.

Moving onto Microsoft Intune, Outlook, and Admin updates, a noteworthy development is the Copilot for Microsoft 365 becoming generally available for commercial and education customers, indicating a significant advancement towards integrating AI capabilities within Microsoft 365 services.

More on Microsoft 365’s Latest Innovations

The January 2024 updates to Microsoft 365 are poised to significantly enhance productivity, communication, and security across organizations. Notably, Microsoft Teams is at the forefront of these improvements with several key features aimed at fostering better teamwork and streamlining communications. For example, the expanded capability for collaborative note-taking and the convenience of muting and unmuting directly from the taskbar address common needs within a digital workspace.

Furthermore, the emphasis on security and compliance through sensitivity labels in Teams Mobile Meetings and the option to limit participation in externally hosted meetings reflect Microsoft’s commitment to providing secure, versatile solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Outlook’s integration with powerful AI through Coaching by Copilot showcases a leap towards more intelligent, user-friendly email communication, assisting users in refining their messages for tone, clarity, and sentiment. This, combined with improved access to OneDrive files directly from Outlook on the web, underscores Microsoft's focus on creating a seamless user experience across its suite of applications.

Finally, the roll-out of Copilot for Microsoft 365 to a broader audience and the introduction of sales and management tools signifies the next step in utilizing AI to enhance workplace productivity and collaboration. These updates not only demonstrate Microsoft’s innovative edge but also its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its users in an increasingly digital and connected world.

Whats new in Microsoft 365 | January Updates. In this video, Nick Ross breaks down all the new features added to Microsoft 365 in January 2024. This includes updates across Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Outlook, enhancing collaboration and efficiency within organizations.

Microsoft Teams Updates:

  • Meeting participants can now create Collaborative notes, enhancing teamwork.
  • The Mute On Air feature, available in the new Teams on Windows, allows users to mute/unmute via the taskbar.
  • Teams introduces the ability to duplicate an existing webinar, simplifying event creation.
  • A new policy restricts users from joining externally hosted Teams meetings, increasing security.
  • Users can share links to private and shared channels, improving accessibility.
  • Meeting organizers can now see the time zone of all attendees, facilitating scheduling.
  • Sensitivity Labels enabled in Teams Mobile Meetings ensures compliance.
  • Real-Time Calendar Notifications in Teams keep users informed of meeting updates.
  • Sharing contact information in Teams chat is now possible, promoting better collaboration.

Microsoft Intune Update:

  • Intune audit logs will now be retained for one year, affecting data management.

Microsoft Outlook Updates:

  • Coaching by Copilot in Outlook for Windows provides email drafting feedback.
  • Open Word, Excel, and PowerPoint attachments directly in desktop apps from Microsoft Outlook for Windows.
  • OneDrive for Business integrates seamlessly with Outlook on the web for easy file access.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center Updates:

  • Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now generally available, expanding its reach to businesses of all sizes.
  • New Copilot Sales tools in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse empower CSPs for growth.
  • Microsoft Copilot Dashboard for Viva Insights licensed customers provides valuable insights.

Summary: The January 2024 updates for Microsoft 365 introduce several features aimed at enhancing collaboration, security, and efficiency across Teams, Outlook, and Intune. Notable updates include the ability for all Teams meeting participants to create collaborative notes, the introduction of Mute On Air in Teams for Windows, and the integration of OneDrive for Business within Outlook on the web. Additionally, the general availability of Copilot for Microsoft 365 marks a significant step towards expanding AI capabilities for organizations.

Exploring the January 2024 Updates in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Microsoft 365 Admin Center has rolled out numerous updates in January 2024, focusing on enhancing user collaboration, simplifying administrative tasks, and using artificial intelligence (AI) to aid users. These updates are part of Microsoft's ongoing effort to improve the user experience and provide organizations with the tools they need for efficient and secure operations. From making meetings more collaborative to leveraging AI for email drafting assistance, the updates address various aspects that impact day-to-day business activities. The availability of Copilot for Microsoft 365 to all size businesses showcases Microsoft's commitment to making advanced AI tools accessible, thus enabling organizations to stay ahead in the digital transformation journey. With these updates, users can expect improved productivity, enhanced collaboration experiences, and innovative ways to meet compliance standards.

Whats new in Microsoft 365 | January Updates In this video, I break down all of the new and cool features added to Microsoft 365 in January 2024.

Microsoft Teams Updates

Several updates are coming to Microsoft Teams to enhance collaboration and efficiency:

  • Allowing all meeting participants to create Collaborative notes, expected to be completed by late February 2024.
  • Mute On Air available in the new Microsoft Teams on Windows, with the rollout completing by mid-April 2024.
  • Introducing the ability to duplicate an existing webinar, with an expected completion by late March 2024.
  • Blocking users from joining externally hosted Teams meetings, expected to complete early March 2024.
  • Enable sharing links to private and shared channels and channel posts, with completion expected by late February 2024.
  • Displaying meeting participants' time zone in the scheduling form, expected to finish by late April 2024.
  • Sensitivity Labels enabled in Teams Mobile Meetings, with the rollout finalizing by early March 2024.
  • Real-Time Calendar Notifications in Teams, expected to complete by late February 2024.
  • Share contact information of people in Microsoft Teams chat, expected to complete by mid-February 2024.

Microsoft Intune and Outlook Enhancements

Updates will also impact Microsoft Intune and Outlook:

  • Intune audit logs will be retained for one year.
  • Outlook for Windows will introduce 'Coaching by Copilot', with rollout in February and MEC rollout in March.
  • Opening Word, Excel, and PowerPoint attachments in desktop apps directly from the new Microsoft Outlook for Windows, completing by mid-March 2024.
  • OneDrive for Business integration in Outlook on the web, with rollout completing by late March 2024.

Updates in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

An essential update from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center includes:

  • Copilot for Microsoft 365 now GA through CSP and companies of all sizes, making it more accessible for various businesses.
  • New Copilot Sales tools in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, empowering CSPs to improve retention and accelerate growth.
  • Microsoft Copilot Dashboard for Viva Insights licensed customers, providing actionable insights to help organizations maximize the value of Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Exploring the Latest Microsoft 365 January 2024 Updates in Detail

The January 2024 updates bring significant enhancements to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, focusing primarily on fostering better collaboration, efficiency, and security among users. Microsoft Teams sees the majority of updates with features like Collaborative notes for all participants, Mute On Air functionality, webinar duplication capabilities, tighter controls on meeting participation, and more. These updates aim to simplify workflows, improve meeting experiences, and enhance security measures for Teams users.

On the administrative front, updates to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, such as the general availability of Copilot for businesses of all sizes and new sales tools in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, indicate Microsoft's commitment to streamlining operations and providing valuable insights for organizations. Furthermore, the integration of OneDrive for Business into Outlook on the web exhibits Microsoft's ongoing effort to create a more seamless and efficient user experience across its suite of productivity tools.

In essence, the January 2024 updates to Microsoft 365 demonstrate Microsoft's dedication to innovation and responsiveness to user needs. By consistently enhancing features and accessibility, Microsoft ensures that its suite of products remains a vital tool for businesses aiming for productivity, collaboration, and security in the modern digital workplace.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center - Jan 2024 Microsoft 365 Updates: New Features Unveiled

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