Whats new in Microsoft 365 | Inspire Highlights
Microsoft 365
Aug 1, 2023 5:00 PM

Whats new in Microsoft 365 | Inspire Highlights

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In this video, I break down all of the new and cool features added to Microsoft 365 in July 2023.

This video discusses the recent updates in Microsoft 365 as of July 2023. It highlights features such as:

Microsoft Teams

Copilot in Microsoft Teams

New Feature

Copilot adds generative AI capabilities to Teams Phone calls, providing real-time summarization and insights during calls.

Copilot in Teams chat helps synthesize key information from chat threads, enabling users to ask specific questions and summarize discussions.

Availability: Now available to customers in the Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program. General availability (GA) date yet to be determined.

Meet App on Microsoft Teams

New Feature

The Meet app is a centralized hub for managing meetings in Microsoft Teams, offering pre, during, and post-meeting insights and content.

Availability: Rolling out mid-October 2023 (previously mid-August) and expected to be complete by mid-November 2023.

Shared Device License on Mobile App for Android

New Feature

Teams Shared Device license extends common area phone experience to Android phones, allowing shared identity-based calling features.

Availability: Expected late August 2023, complete rollout by early September 2023.

Deploy new Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365 apps

New Feature

Starting September 2023, the new Teams app will be included in new and existing installations of Microsoft 365 apps for Windows.

Availability: Rollout based on the update channel, with business plans starting in September 2023.

1000 Channels per Team

New Feature

Teams channel limits increase to 1000 channels per team, including standard, shared, and private channels, enabling enhanced collaboration.

Availability: Mid-August, complete rollout by late August.

Stream Preview and Playback in Teams Chat and Channels

New Feature

Users can preview and play Stream videos directly in Teams Chat and Channels without using a browser.

Availability: Late July, complete rollout by late August.

Channel meeting invitation | Allow organizer to send a channel meeting invite to everyone in team

New Feature

Meeting organizers can notify all channel members of scheduled channel meetings on their main work calendar.

Availability: Early August, expected completion by mid-August.

Capture Request to Use Shared Channels for External Collaboration

New Feature

Organizations can set up an intake or support page for external collaboration through shared channels.

Availability: Early August, expect to complete rollout by mid-August.

Cloud IntelliFrame: A New Way to See People in Teams Rooms

New Feature

Cloud IntelliFrame enhances the hybrid meeting experience by creating smart video feeds of in-room participants in Teams Rooms.

Availability: Mid-August, expect to complete rollout by early September.

Azure AD (Entra ID)

Azure AD is becoming Microsoft Entra ID

New Feature

The name change represents the unification of the Microsoft Entra product family without affecting features and capabilities.

Availability: Rolling out throughout the second half of 2023.

Introducing Entra Internet Access and Entra Private Access

New Feature

Microsoft Entra Internet Access offers identity-centric Secure Web Gateway for internet and Microsoft 365 app protection.

Microsoft Entra Private Access provides Zero Trust Network Access for secure access to private apps and resources.

Availability: Public Preview now available. Pricing and General Availability TBD.

Introducing Restricted Management Administrative Units

New Feature

Restricted management administrative units allow protecting specific users, groups, or devices from modifications by tenant-level administrators.

Availability: General Availability (GA).

Microsoft Intune

Uninstalling apps in the Company Portal for Windows
New Feature
Users can now uninstall Win32 and Microsoft Store apps they installed on demand in the Company Portal without admin rights.
Availability: By End of August.

Microsoft Edge

GA Rollout for Microsoft Edge management service in the Microsoft 365 admin center

New Feature

The Edge management service provides a simplified experience for managing Edge policies and extensions.

Availability: Rolling out now for General Availability.

Microsoft Edge for Business

New Feature

Edge for Business offers a visually distinct work browser with enterprise controls for secure data access and leak prevention.

Availability: Preview available in Edge version 115 or later. Turned on by default in Edge version 116.

Bing Chat Enterprise in Preview

New Feature

Bing Chat Enterprise offers AI-powered chat for work with commercial data protection.

Availability: Preview supported in various environments.

Microsoft Admin

Copilot Pricing Released

New Feature

Microsoft 365 Copilot will be offered as a paid add-on for eligible Microsoft 365 plans.

Availability: GA date yet to be determined.

Introducing Microsoft 365 Backup and Microsoft 365 Archive

New Feature

Microsoft 365 Backup provides fast recovery of OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange data, while Microsoft 365 Archive offers a cold storage tier for inactive data in SharePoint.

Availability: GA and pricing yet to be determined.

New Commerce Experience Updates

New Feature

Legacy CSP commerce platform retirement steps for public sector and commercial customers.

Availability: Starting November 2023 for public sector, and January 2024 for commercial customers.

For more details, please refer to the respective links provided in the announcement.


More about the Main Topic

Microsoft 365 continues to evolve, with new features regularly added to enhance user experience. Updates, such as improvements to Teams, increase collaboration efficiency, while additions like Entra ID and Intune enhance security and mobile device management. Updates to the Edge browser enhance browsing, and admin updates provide better system management capabilities.

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Microsoft 365 has some great new and improved features for July 2023. Teams has been updated to allow for better collaboration and communication with end-users. Entra ID provides a secure, easy-to-set-up sign-in process for users. Intune is a new tool that helps manage mobile devices, apps, and data. Microsoft Edge is a new web browser with improved security and privacy settings. Admin adds additional tools to help manage user data and settings. All of these updates help businesses stay secure and up to date with the latest technology.


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