December 2023 Microsoft 365 Latest Features Update
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Jan 3, 2024 11:00 PM

December 2023 Microsoft 365 Latest Features Update

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Key insights


  • Microsoft Teams updates include the ability to archive channels for completed projects, a new meeting option to disable copying and forwarding of meeting chats, and the introduction of External Access Analytics for better insights on cross-tenant collaboration.
  • Archiving channels in Teams will make them inaccessible on team lists and disable all interaction, with the option to unarchive them if needed. The release window is mid-February to late February 2024.
  • The new meeting chat restriction aims to reduce data leak risks and will be available mid-January to mid-February 2024, requiring a Teams Premium license.
  • External Access Analytics will allow admins to monitor external user interactions and access patterns with the feature set to roll out from late January to early February 2024.
  • Teams will also offer audio and video controls during meetings for streamlined device management, with deployment scheduled for mid-January to late January 2024.

Microsoft Intune introduces a new Device Experience in public preview, allowing for simplified device enrollment, profile management, and enhanced visibility into devices and issues.

Microsoft Admin announces a revised timeline for CSP legacy Public Sector offers, starting with the launch of Public Sector offers on March 1, 2024, and mandatory new subscription purchases on May 1, 2024.


Microsoft 365 Updates December 2023

The December 2023 updates to Microsoft 365 have introduced significant enhancements, particularly for Microsoft Teams users. With the focus on improved administration and data leakage prevention measures, these updates offer businesses better control and security. The ability to archive channels after project completion signifies that Teams is evolving to become increasingly adaptable to project lifecycles. Furthermore, the integration of advanced analytics for external access in Teams indicates a strengthened emphasis on secure and insightful cross-tenant collaboration.


Summary of Microsoft 365 Updates for December 2023

Microsoft Teams:

  • Archive Channels: This feature, available in mid-February 2024, allows users to archive channels, making them inactive but preserving their content.
  • New Meeting Option and Policy: Launching in mid-January 2024, this feature prevents copying or forwarding of meeting chats, enhancing data security.
  • External Access Analytics: Available from late January 2024, this new report in Teams Admin Center offers analytics for external access, aiding in managing cross-tenant collaboration.
  • Audio and Video Flyout and Settings: This feature, expected by late January 2024, provides easy access to manage audio and video settings during Teams meetings.

Microsoft Intune:

  • New Device Experience: Currently in public preview, this update consolidates device enrollment, profile management, and reporting in one location.

Microsoft Admin:

  • Update on Commerce Timeline for CSP Government Community Cloud, Education, and Nonprofit Legacy Offers: Starting March 1, 2024, new subscription purchases for public sector product SKUs must be on new commerce, with migrations starting from July 1, 2024.

Editable Versions Subscription: A subscription service is available for editable versions of this documentation, allowing for white-labeling and distribution to end users.

The December 2023 update for Microsoft 365 introduces several significant enhancements across Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Admin, focusing on improved functionality, security, and analytics capabilities.




Microsoft 365 Admin Center - December 2023 Microsoft 365 Latest Features Update


People also ask

What are the new features of Office 365?

The latest version of Office 365 has introduced several new features aimed at enhancing productivity and collaboration. Highlights include a new AI-based editor in Word that offers advanced grammar and style refinements, the introduction of real-time collaboration across all Office apps, and improved security measures. Also, new data types, inking tools, and functions have been added to Excel, while PowerPoint has been updated with enhanced presentation features such as better morph transitions and zoom capabilities.

What is Microsoft 365 changing to?

As of the latest announcements, Microsoft 365 remains the rebranded name for Office 365, which Microsoft unveiled in April 2020. It's more than just a name change; Microsoft 365 represents a shift towards a suite of integrated applications and services that encompass Office tools, Windows 10, and enterprise mobility and security. This integrated approach provides users with a more comprehensive productivity and collaborative experience.

What is Office 365 update?

Office 365 updates refer to the periodic enhancements and improvements Microsoft makes to the suite's applications and services. These updates are automatically rolled out to subscribers and include new features, performance improvements, security updates, and bug fixes. Updates are part of Microsoft's commitment to offering a subscription service that constantly evolves to meet the needs of modern workplaces.

What is the Outlook update 2023?

The Outlook update for 2023 brought significant changes to improve user experience and functionality. Key updates include a redesigned look with a more intuitive user interface and better integration with other Microsoft 365 applications. Additionally, users can expect enhanced mail and calendar features, like the "Message Recall" function, improved search functionality, and new AI-powered tools that help sort and prioritize emails more efficiently. Security features were also a focus of the update, offering advanced protection against phishing and malware.



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