Whats new in Microsoft 365 | August Updates
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Aug 29, 2023 7:00 AM

Whats new in Microsoft 365 | August Updates

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In this video, I break down all of the new and cool features added to Microsoft 365 in August 2023. White-labelable documents to share with end-users:

The August 2023 Microsoft 365 updates introduced a variety of new features across different programs. Some of the highlighted updates include Teams, Entrap ID, Intune, Edge, Excel, SharePoint, Forms, and Admin Microsoft Teams.

  • For Microsoft Teams, the Group Policy Assignment Rank Assistance feature added, which provides essential information for making better decisions while managing policies for user groups.
  • For Entra ID and Intune, specific updates not detailed, but these platforms included in the list as having seen changes.
  • Edge, Excel, SharePoint and Forms also undergo modifications; however, the exact details not explicitly outlined.
  • For Admin Microsoft Teams, a Real-Time Analytics feature was added which aids in more efficient monitoring of meeting quality using real-time telemetry.
This feature is currently only available as part of the Teams Premium add-on SKU. The rollout for the updates was expected to be complete by the end of August 2023.

Further Details on Microsoft 365 Updates

The Group Policy Assignment Rank Assistance in Microsoft Teams is expected to bring more clarity to admins, particularly for managing multiple group assignments. It displays key pieces of information including group user count, a recommendation to give rank 1, and precedence rules. The Real-Time Analytics feature allows admins to examine users’ meetings and identify potential issues related to audio, video, content sharing, and network connectivity. This feature aims to improve the troubleshooting process for admins, allowing for more proactive and effective management of meeting quality.

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Microsoft 365 has added a number of new and cool features to its product in August 2023. This video will break down all of the changes, including updates to Teams, Entra ID, Intune, Edge, Excel, SharePoint, Forms, and Admin. Teams has added a Group Policy Assignment Rank Assistance feature, which will provide admins with clarity and information while creating group assignments. There is also a Proactive Monitoring of Meeting Quality Using Real-time Telemetry feature, which will help admins identify any issues with audio, video, content sharing, or network connectivity while a meeting is ongoing. Additionally, Intune has added support for the Android Enterprise fully managed device mode, and Edge has added support for the Windows 10X platform. Excel has added a new template called ‘Create a Team Plan’, which allows users to quickly create and collaborate on a project plan. SharePoint has added support for custom list forms, and Forms has added a new option to allow users to limit responses to 1 per person. Finally, Admin has added a new notification alert rule, which allows admins to monitor audio and video quality in-progress meetings.


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