March 2024 Microsoft Forms: Latest Updates & Features
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Mar 20, 2024 2:02 PM

March 2024 Microsoft Forms: Latest Updates & Features

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Discover Mar 2024s exciting new Microsoft Forms features: Data sync to Excel, Practice Mode, App updates & more!

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  • Real-time data sync to Excel enhances form response management and analysis.
  • Practice mode enables learners to review and test knowledge, offering instant feedback and recaps.
  • The Forms app facilitates easy survey and form creation with AI suggestions for questions and themes.
  • Option to disable question numbers for a more casual survey experience.
  • Bulk migration tool for transferring Google Forms to Microsoft Forms, simplifying the transition for users.

The recent updates to Microsoft Forms mark a significant advancement in both form creation and data management capabilities, ensuring a seamless experience for users. These enhancements not only streamline the process of collecting and analyzing responses but also provide flexible options for users to tailor their forms and surveys according to their needs. Real-time syncing with Excel, the introduction of practice mode, and the development of a mobile Forms app show Microsoft's commitment to making data collection and analysis more efficient and user-friendly. Furthermore, the introduction of features like disabling question numbers and the pre-fill link, along with tools for migrating from Google Forms, demonstrate a versatile approach aimed at enhancing user engagement and simplifying administrative tasks. These updates are sure to benefit a wide range of users, from educators and students to business professionals, by offering improved functionalities and a more intuitive user experience.

Expanding the Horizons of Microsoft Forms

In March 2024, Microsoft Forms took a substantial leap forward, introducing features that significantly enhance both the creation of forms and the analysis of the data they gather. For users migrating from Google Forms, Microsoft made the transition smoother with a dedicated migration tool, acknowledging the diverse needs of its user base. The introduction of real-time data synchronization with Excel represents a paradigm shift in how data is managed, allowing for seamless integration of responses into existing workflows.

Learning and engagement take a front seat with the new practice mode, catering to educational and corporate scenarios where reinforcement and feedback are key. Simultaneously, the launch of the Forms mobile app underscores Microsoft's recognition of the importance of accessibility and flexibility, offering users the freedom to create and manage forms on the go. Moreover, the ability to disable question numbering and use pre-fill links reflect Microsoft's dedication to providing customizable and user-friendly solutions that cater to specific user needs, from casual surveys to streamlined data entry processes.

This suite of updates ensures that Microsoft Forms is not just a tool for creating surveys and quizzes but an integral part of a productive and efficient digital workflow, empowering users with advanced capabilities to collect, analyze, and act upon the data they need



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Over the past 3 months, Forms has introduced several new features from form creation to data analysis, enhancing the experience for authors and respondents. Additionally, a new method to assist in migrating from Google Forms to Microsoft Forms has been introduced. Let's look into these features more closely.

Key Features in Forms

  • Forms data sync to Excel: New responses are now syncing in real-time to your Excel workbook. This allows continuous working on the spreadsheet without missing important feedback. Access all your form responses in Excel for the web and utilize Excel’s functions for analysis and visualization.
  • Practice mode: Ideal for both business and education sectors. Practice mode allows respondents to learn at their own pace, receive immediate feedback, retry questions, and summarize their learning upon completion.
  • The Forms app: Create surveys and forms with ease directly from the Forms app, offering the same user-friendly experience as the website. AI suggestions for question options and a variety of themes are available to customize your form.
  • Disable the question number: This feature can be turned off in settings to fit specific scenarios, like a holiday RSVP, making the survey feel less formal and more relaxed for respondents.
  • Google Forms to Microsoft Forms migration: Administrators can now bulk migrate Google Forms to Forms via the Microsoft 365 admin center. This ease of transition is crucial for users moving from Google's platform.
  • Pre-fill link: A soon-to-be-released feature allowing certain fields in the form to be pre-populated with predefined responses. This aims to streamline data entry, reduce user effort, and ensure consistency in responses.

Expanding on Forms Features

The introduction of these features marks a significant enhancement in Forms utility and accessibility. Real-time data syncing with Excel revolutionizes the way responses are handled, making data analysis more seamless and integrated. The practice mode, a standout feature, emphasizes learning and improvement. Meanwhile, the introduction of the Forms app ensures that creating and distributing surveys or quizzes is more convenient than ever.

Moreover, the user-friendly transitions from Google Forms to Microsoft Forms underscore Microsoft's commitment to ease and efficiency, catering to the needs of administrators facing platform migration. These updates not only streamline form creation and data analysis but also refine the overall user and respondent experience, setting a new benchmark for digital forms creation and management.



People also ask

What is the difference between Microsoft Forms and Forms Pro?

Answer: Microsoft Forms allows users to create general-purpose forms, gather feedback, generate QR codes, among other features. Forms Pro, on the other hand, extends these functionalities by enabling the creation of surveys, automatic dispatch of surveys triggered by specific actions, customization of email templates, and advanced analysis of survey responses.

What happened to MS Forms Pro?

Answer: MS Forms Pro has been rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

What is the old name for Microsoft Forms?

Answer: The predecessor of Microsoft Forms was known as Office 365 Forms, and it served as an online survey creator within the Office 365 suite.

What is present in Microsoft Forms?

Answer: Microsoft Forms allows for the construction of personalized charts, providing a dynamic and interactive way to handle data collection and analysis in real-time scenarios.



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