2023 Wave 2: Latest Dynamics 365 Field Service Update
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Dec 22, 2023 8:00 AM

2023 Wave 2: Latest Dynamics 365 Field Service Update

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Explore 2023s Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile updates: New Agenda View, Custom List View, AI-Powered Copilot. Enhance technician efficiency now!

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The Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile app's 2023 Wave 2 update introduces a fresh user experience and various enhancements. The public preview of the updated interface was launched earlier this year, and Microsoft is keen to improve it further for technicians.

  • Agenda View now supports bi-directional scrolling for 90 days and includes date separators for better visibility of bookings, with customizability by makers for displayed data.
  • The new configurable List View allows for up to five columns of data, excludes the icon for space efficiency, and features smooth scrolling with lazy loading for performance.
  • Copilot, a speech-first AI feature, has been integrated to help technicians quickly assimilate or update work order details on-the-go.
  • Users can try the new features by logging in with an admin account and enabling options in the settings of Field Service Mobile to access the "New Mobile Experience" and "Copilot for New Mobile Experience."
  • Microsoft encourages feedback on these updates through the Dynamics 365 Community Forum and Ideas portal to refine the Field Service Mobile experience continually.

Understanding Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App

The Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile app is designed to provide technicians with an efficient, user-friendly tool for managing their schedules, accessing work order information, and navigating other critical aspects of their work while in the field. The app leverages Microsoft's powerful Dynamics 365 platform to ensure that mobile workflows are closely integrated with a company's broader customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. By receiving regular updates like the 2023 Wave 2, the Field Service Mobile app remains a cutting-edge solution that incorporates the latest technological advancements, including AI through tools like Copilot.

These updates are not only about adding new features but also about streamlining existing functionalities to optimize the user experience on mobile devices, which is paramount for technicians who rely on these tools to perform their daily tasks. Microsoft's commitment to enhancing user experience translates into direct improvements in service delivery, as frontline workers can manage their bookings more effectively, access data more efficiently, and utilize AI for rapid assistance with work orders.

An emphasis on real-world user feedback and agile update rollouts ensures the platform evolves in line with the needs of its users. The Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile app aims to embody the principles of mobility, efficiency, and continuous improvement, essential in today's fast-paced service industries.

Microsoft expresses gratitude to users of the Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile app and reaffirms their commitment to delivering the best mobile service experience. They encourage user feedback and suggestions for further improvements, inviting contributions through the Dynamics 365 Community Forum and Ideas portal.

  • Frontline workers have a more intuitive Agenda View.
  • New list view design provides a better browsing experience.
  • Integration of AI-driven Copilot to streamline work order management.

Field Service Mobile App Updates

The Field Service Mobile app has recently been updated with new features. Microsoft announced a suite of enhancements as the year draws to a close. These aim to improve the mobile app's user experience, which had a preview earlier in the year.


Agenda View Update: The Agenda View serves as the central hub for frontline workers to manage their schedules. With the new updates, workers can look forward to:

  • Scrolling through up to 90 days of past or future bookings.
  • Date separators to distinguish bookings on different days.
  • Customizable data display for each booking.

These updates are designed to enhance visibility and control for technicians to better plan their workdays.


Configurable List View: Another improved aspect is the List View within the app, which now features:

  • Selection of up to five display columns per table.
  • Removal of list icons to save screen space.
  • Enhanced scrolling and performance with lazy loading.

This redesign helps technicians view more information with greater clarity, directly affecting their productivity.


Copilot Work Order Summary and Update: The integration of AI through Copilot provides a speech-first experience for technicians. This feature enables:


How to Try These Features: To test these new capabilities, administrators can enable them in the app's settings. Options for "New Mobile Experience" and "Copilot for New Mobile Experience" are available.



Dynamics 365 - 2023 Wave 2: Latest Dynamics 365 Field Service Update


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What are the new features of Dynamics Field Service?

The latest update to Dynamics Field Service boasts several enhancements aimed at improving usability, efficiency, and customer engagement. Key features include a more intuitive user interface, advanced analytics for service performance, predictive maintenance capabilities powered by AI, integration with Mixed Reality for remote assistance, and improved scheduling tools to optimize field agent routes.

What are the new features of D365 2023?

D365 2023 brings forward a suite of new functionalities across its various applications, including enhanced AI-driven insights, more robust automation capabilities, closer integration with Teams for better collaboration, and a deeper focus on sustainability tracking features aimed to help organizations manage their environmental impact. Also, improvements in cross-module processes integrate sales, service, and marketing better.

What is the new release of Microsoft 2023?

Microsoft's 2023 new release includes significant updates to its cloud services, particularly Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365. Among these, users can expect advancements in security features, compliance tools, and the use of AI across the board to streamline operations and data analysis. Further details and individual service updates can be found in Microsoft's release notes.

What are the benefits of Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Dynamics 365 Field Service offers numerous benefits, including optimizing the scheduling of service visits, improving first-time fix rates through better resource allocation, and increasing customer satisfaction with more reliable service delivery. The application also reduces operational costs by maximizing the efficiency of service operations and provides mobile solutions for field agents to access and record service information in real-time.



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