Jan 2024 Office 365 Update Highlights & News
Microsoft 365 Admin Center
Jan 17, 2024 11:00 PM

Jan 2024 Office 365 Update Highlights & News

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New Teams experience post-March & smarter sharing in M365 - stay ahead with the latest updates!

Key insights


Enhanced Scheduling in Microsoft Teams: Scheduling meetings with team members in different time zones is now simplified, thanks to the new display of time zones in the Scheduling Assistant view within Teams.

Share Control Update: The Microsoft 365 apps have refined the Share control, allowing users to invite specific people when sharing content, enhancing security and access management.

Transition to New Teams Experience: After March 31, 2024, Classic Teams users will be automatically updated to the new Teams, which offers a modern interface, improved performance, and additional features.

  • Real-time calendar notifications in Teams alert users instantly of new meetings or schedule changes.
  • Teams Mobile on Android Auto enables users to join meetings and make calls from their cars, ensuring continuous connectivity.

For users on the go, Microsoft has integrated the ability to join Teams meetings and make calls through Android Auto. This convenient feature supports busy professionals who need to connect safely while driving.

  • Adding ease to scheduling in different time zones with the Scheduling Assistant
  • An updated Share window in Microsoft 365 apps for selective file sharing
  • Transition to new Teams from the Classic version
  • Introducing real-time calendar notifications in Teams
  • Teams Mobile compatibility with Android Auto for calls and meetings


People also ask

What is the Microsoft 365 Message Center?

The Microsoft 365 Message Center is a feature within the Microsoft 365 admin center designed to keep administrators informed about updates, maintenance plans, and changes to Microsoft 365 services. It includes notifications and advisories that can affect the user experience in Microsoft 365. The Message Center helps organizations plan for change, stay updated on service health, and optimize their use of Microsoft 365 by offering timely and relevant information.

How do I access the Microsoft Message Center?

To access the Microsoft 365 Message Center, an individual must have admin access within the Microsoft 365 admin center. Admins can log in to the Microsoft 365 admin center dashboard using their admin credentials. Once logged in, they need to navigate to 'Health' and then select 'Message center' to view the various updates, notifications, and messages that have been posted for their tenant.

What is the role of message center privacy reader?

The message center privacy reader is a designated role within the Microsoft 365 environment. A user assigned this role is granted permission to view messages in the Message Center, including updates and notifications that pertain specifically to privacy-related issues. This role is crucial for organizations that need to ensure that they handle data in compliance with privacy regulations and want to be kept informed about any changes or advisories affecting privacy within their Microsoft 365 services.

What is the new name for Microsoft 365?

As of my knowledge cutoff date in early 2023, Microsoft 365 is the latest name for Microsoft's suite of productivity apps and services previously known as Office 365. In 2020, Microsoft rebranded Office 365 to Microsoft 365 to reflect the suite's broader range of features and capabilities beyond the core Office applications. If there has been a subsequent name change after early 2023, please refer to the latest Microsoft announcements or official communications for updated information.



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