Windows 12 Updates: What Should Change?
Windows 12
Dec 14, 2023 12:30 PM

Windows 12 Updates: What Should Change?

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Discover Crucial Improvements Microsoft Must Embrace in Windows 12.

What Needs To Change For Windows 12

Many users have shown a strong preference for Windows 10 over Windows 11, indicating that improvements are necessary. As we look ahead, there is anticipation for the release of Windows 12 in 2024. With this upcoming version, Microsoft has the opportunity to create an operating system that is both more user-friendly and efficient.

One significant area for improvement is compatibility. The hardware requirements for Windows 11 have prevented many older devices from running it effectively. To broaden the appeal of the next version, Microsoft should ensure Windows 12 supports a wider array of older processors and graphics cards, allowing a greater number of users to upgrade without hardware limitations.


Another aspect that users are calling for is increased customization. While Windows 11 has a sleek design, its customization options are limited. In Windows 12, it would be beneficial to provide more flexibility in personalizing the desktop environment. This includes altering the taskbar, tailoring the Start menu, and adding or subtracting widgets to suit individual preferences.

The Windows 11 update process is often time-consuming and can hinder the user experience. Therefore, it is crucial that Windows 12 streamlines these updates to be quicker, more reliable, and less intrusive. Adopting a modular design for updates could be a solution, allowing different system components to be updated independently and efficiently.

With a strong focus on artificial intelligence, Microsoft could integrate sophisticated AI features into Windows 12. By incorporating voice control, smart suggestions, and advanced privacy management, the software could become even more intuitive and efficient for daily tasks.

The idea of Windows 12 as a subscription service has been circulating, and if this shift occurs, it would be groundbreaking for Microsoft. However, to convince users of its benefits, the company must guarantee that the subscription offers substantial value when compared to its cost.

Listening to user feedback is paramount for Microsoft's success with the imminent Windows 12. If the corporation can apply this feedback to enhance the usability and efficiency of its operating system, it stands to reinforce its position in the market.

Overview of Windows 12 Future Improvements

A lot of people don't like Windows 11, and that shows with the number of users sticking with Windows 10 instead. But what improvements could be made in the future version of the operating system? It seems clear that changes are necessary for wider acceptance.

Key Changes for Windows 12

The new iteration of Windows is expected to launch in 2024. Microsoft could integrate several user-friendly and efficiency enhancements to improve upon the previous version. What are the specifics that require attention in the upcoming Windows 12?

  • Improved compatibility with older hardware
  • More options for desktop customization
  • Streamlined and less disruptive updates
  • Enhanced artificial intelligence features
  • Possibly shifting to a subscription model

Windows 11's high hardware demands have excluded many PCs from running it, highlighting a need for broader compatibility in Windows 12. This could mean ensuring support for older processors and graphics cards, thereby allowing more users to transition to the new system

Finally, there's speculation about Windows 12 adopting a subscription model. If true, this shift would represent a significant transformation in user engagement with the operating system. Microsoft would need to deliver substantial value to justify any associated costs for users.

Overall, Microsoft must heed user feedback for Windows 12 to succeed. If the company can focus on these enhancements, it could sustain its dominance in the operating system landscape.

Windows 12 - Top Windows 12 Updates: What Should Change?

People also ask

What will Windows 12 require?

As of my last update, Microsoft had not officially announced a "Windows 12," so I cannot provide specific system requirements. Generally, a new version of Windows might require a compatible processor, adequate RAM, sufficient storage space, and specific hardware features to support advanced functionalities.

What are the changes in Windows 12?

Without an official release, it's speculative to describe the changes in a "Windows 12." However, typical updates in new Windows versions could include a redesigned user interface, performance improvements, new features, enhanced security measures, and better integration with other Microsoft 365 services.

Will Windows 12 be subscription based?

While Microsoft has introduced a subscription model for Microsoft 365, there have been no conclusive reports or announcements regarding a subscription-based model for a future Windows operating system as of my last update. Traditionally, Windows licenses have been sold as a one-time purchase.

How to update Windows 12?

In hypothetical terms, updating to Windows 12 would likely involve using the Windows Update feature within the operating system's settings, which automatically checks for, downloads, and installs new updates. Alternatively, it might involve downloading an update tool or media creation tool from Microsoft's official website, but details would depend on Microsoft's specific roll-out strategy for any new version of Windows.


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