Best Way to Search Documents in Copilot Studio 2024
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Apr 28, 2024 12:30 AM

Best Way to Search Documents in Copilot Studio 2024

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Discover the best platform for document searches in Copilot Studio: Dataverse, SharePoint, or Azure OpenAI?

Key insights


  • Dataverse offers a reliable solution for storing documents up to 3 MB with no limit on file numbers, and no extra costs.
  • SharePoint allows document storage in one or many libraries, supporting permissions for user access, but is limited to 3 MB files and four sites.
  • Azure OpenAI supports various data sources and larger files up to 16 MB, but incurs additional costs based on resource consumption.
  • For effectiveness in terms of accuracy, cost, and integration ease, Dataverse stands out, especially with no added costs compared to Azure OpenAI.
  • SharePoint could be used for copilots requiring document permissions per user, but Azure OpenAI remains pricey despite its potential for larger file handling.

Exploring Efficient Document Query Options in Copilot Studio

Searching through documents in Microsoft Copilot Studio is essential for building a custom copilot. With tools like Dataverse, SharePoint, and Azure OpenAI, developers have a wide range of options. Each platform offers unique strengths and benefits for integrating documents into Copilot Studio projects.

For creating a custom copilot, it's important to choose the right data source. Options include using Dataverse with no extra costs and no file size limit in terms of number. SharePoint allows for document permissions and supports multiple sites, but with a 3MB file size limit. Azure OpenAI offers support for larger files up to 16MB, but with additional costs.

Efficient Document Searching in Microsoft Copilot Studio

  • Dataverse stores documents internally, supports a wide range of file types, and there are no additional costs.
  • SharePoint stores documents within a site, applies user permissions, and supports only modern pages and Office document types with no extra costs.
  • Azure OpenAI connection supports various Azure services, allows for larger files, but incurs additional costs based on consumption.

In comparing these options, using Dataverse and Azure OpenAI provided the most detailed answers in a test scenario. SharePoint delivered the same results regardless of user licensing. It's noted that using Dataverse could be most efficient in terms of cost and ease of integration.

While SharePoint is suitable for projects that need to factor in document permissions, Dataverse is recommended for most cases due to its efficiency and zero additional costs. However, Azure OpenAI is a viable option, despite its higher setup costs, especially for larger files.

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Microsoft Copilot - Best Way to Search Documents in Copilot Studio 2024


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After creating your copilot, further customization can be accomplished through the Generative AI page.

What can you do in Copilot Studio?

In Copilot Studio, you can develop and deploy custom plugins, GPTs, and prompts. It enables the integration of your business data where it's needed, facilitating the generation of conversations, the conversion of these conversations into actionable tasks, the building of your own models, and the expansion of your copilot's reach to critical areas of operation.

How much does Copilot Studio cost?

The pricing structure for Microsoft Copilot Studio is designed to support scalability. It starts at $200 per month per tenant, covering up to 25,000 messages, with additional packs available for extra volume. For those looking to customize Copilot for Microsoft 365, the Copilot Studio is included within the $30 per user licensing fee.

What is the new name for Microsoft PVA?

The capabilities and features of Power Virtual Agents have been integrated into Microsoft Copilot Studio. This transition is a result of significant investments in generative AI and the pursuit of enhanced integrations across the Microsoft Copilot ecosystem.



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