PowerAutomate - Difference Between HTTP with Entra ID vs Preauth 2024
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Apr 14, 2024 1:10 AM

PowerAutomate - Difference Between HTTP with Entra ID vs Preauth 2024

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Explore the Evolution of Microsoft API Connectivity: Entra IDs Role Unveiled

Key insights


  • The HTTP with Microsoft Entra ID (preauthorized) connector allows the use of various Microsoft services without needing to register the application or define authorizations.
  • Not all API endpoints are available with the preauthorized connector, which can limit functionality.
  • The HTTP with Microsoft Entra ID connector requires authorization for each service it accesses, offering more flexibility but also necessitating additional setup.
  • Authorization of the HTTP with Microsoft Entra ID connector must be done using PowerShell, and Global Admin rights are necessary.
  • While the new HTTP with Microsoft Entra ID connector broadens the scope of accessible Microsoft APIs, it also requires careful consideration regarding authorization and available endpoints.

Exploring Microsoft Entra ID Connectors

The introduction of the HTTP with Microsoft Entra ID connectors signifies an evolved approach in accessing Microsoft's APIs securely and efficiently. These connectors serve as bridges, enabling Power Automate and Power Apps developers to interact with a wide array of Microsoft services, such as Microsoft Graph API, Dataverse API, and Power BI API. The preauthorized version simplifies the process by cutting down on the initial setup phase, allowing immediate access to a predefined list of services. However, it presents limitations in terms of the endpoints it can reach, pointing to a trade-off between convenience and scope of access

Exploring the capabilities of Microsoft Entra ID connectors offers exciting advancements in API utilization within Power Automate. The transition from Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID brought two versions of connectors: Standard and Preauthorized. Understanding their differences is crucial for effective application.

  • The API can be utilized with delegated access rights, keeping sensitive information secure.
  • The created connection stores the password, making it inaccessible to unauthorized users.
  • Utilization allows for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) without the need to register an application in Microsoft Entra.

The preauthorized connector simplifies access to Microsoft services like the Graph API, requiring no additional configuration for Entra ID registration or authorization setup. Examples include listing Teams memberships and attempting to fetch user presence information, though not all API endpoints are accessible with this connector.

  • Creating a connection with the preauthorized connector doesn't specify the service it's created for, which can lead to confusion.
  • Not all API endpoints are available, limiting the connector's use in certain cases.

On the other hand, the standard Microsoft Entra ID connector offers flexibility by requiring authorization for each intended use. This process, although more manual, allows access to a broader range of API endpoints, as demonstrated through PowerShell script authorization for presence information retrieval.

  • Authorization via PowerShell script expands endpoint access for user presence information.
  • Authorizations, while not creatable through Azure portal, are visible, ensuring transparency and control over permissions.

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Microsoft Entra - Difference Between HTTP with Entra ID vs Preauth 2024

People also ask

What is the difference between Entra and Entra ID?

Microsoft Entra represents the suite of identity and access management solutions provided by Microsoft, encompassing a broad range of products tailored for network and identity access control. Within this suite, Microsoft Entra ID stands as a specific product designed to streamline identity management. Although it's recommended to use the full product names, in situations where brevity is necessary, ME-ID may be substituted for AAD.

How does Microsoft Entra ID work?

For application developers aiming to integrate seamless authentication methods into their applications, Microsoft Entra ID offers a solution through its standards-compliant authentication provider. This facility enables apps to support single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, utilizing users' existing credentials for access. Furthermore, the utilization of Microsoft Entra APIs permits the crafting of customized user experiences by leveraging data from organizational contexts.

Why did Microsoft rename Azure to Entra?

The decision to transition from the name Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to Microsoft Entra ID was driven by the intention to more accurately reflect the product’s extensive capabilities beyond a singular cloud platform, emphasizing its ability to integrate across multiple clouds and platforms. This rebranding also serves to harmonize the product titles within the Microsoft Entra product lineup, offering a more cohesive identity across the range.

Which choice correctly describes Microsoft Entra ID?

At its core, Microsoft Entra ID is envisioned as a comprehensive cloud-based solution for identity and access management, purpose-built to facilitate connections across people, their applications, devices, and data, thereby ensuring a secure and seamless interaction ecosystem.



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