What are Dataflows Gen 2 in Fabric?
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Jun 16, 2023 9:30 AM

What are Dataflows Gen 2 in Fabric?

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I have previously written a post on Power BI Dataflows explaining what it is, how you can set it up when you should use it, and why you should use it.

What are Dataflows Gen 2 in Fabric? Dataflows Gen 2 are an upgraded version of the popular Power BI Dataflows. With new features and improvements, Gen 2 provides more powerful data integration and transformation capabilities. In this article, we will explore the differences between Dataflows Gen 2 and Gen 1, as well as how to set up Dataflows Gen 2 in Fabric. We will also discuss the benefits and use cases for this new version.

  • New features and improvements over Gen 1
  • Setting up Dataflows Gen 2 in Fabric
  • Benefits and use cases for Dataflows Gen 2

However, there are still some unanswered questions about Dataflows Gen 2, which we hope to address in future articles and resources. For those who are interested in learning the basics of dataflows, we recommend reviewing our previous article on Dataflows Gen 1.

Exploring Dataflows Gen 2 in Fabric

In Dataflows Gen 2, users can enjoy more robust data integration and transformation capabilities, increasing the overall functionality and value of Power BI Dataflows. As more information becomes available on the new features and enhancements in Dataflows Gen 2, we will continue to share our insights and experiences to help users make the most of this powerful tool. Stay tuned for more updates and resources on Dataflows Gen 2 in Fabric!

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Learn about What are Dataflows Gen 2 in Fabric?

Dataflows Gen 2 in Fabric is the new version of Power BI Dataflows, with features that separate it from Dataflows Gen 1. It is a helpful tool for dealing with large datasets, allowing users to transform, clean, and reshape data, and use incremental refresh to keep the data up to date. Dataflows Gen 2 also allows users to collaborate on datasets, with the data stored in the cloud and shared among team members. To set up a Dataflow Gen 2 in Fabric, users need to create a workspace in the Power BI service and then create a dataflow in the workspace. To learn more about Dataflows Gen 1, users can consult the article 'What, How, When and Why on Power BI Dataflows'. Dataflows Gen 2 provides users with new possibilities, such as the ability to query data at scale using the dataflow query language, and the ability to process the data without the need for an Azure Data Lake Gen 2 storage account. With Dataflows Gen 2, users can create datasets and easily share them with other members of their team.


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