Power Platform Admin Center: Weekly Usage Insights Digest
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Sep 27, 2023 12:18 PM

Power Platform Admin Center: Weekly Usage Insights Digest

by HubSite 365 about Priyesh Wagh (D365 Demystified) [MVP]

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Unlock Microsofts Power Platform tenant analytics with the help of our expert guide. Start receiving weekly digest reports today!

Summary of Weekly Digest Notifications in Power Platform Admin Center

This blog post by Priyesh Wagh offers insights into tenanted analytics in the Power Platform Admin Center. This platform now allows users to receive weekly updates through newsletters for Managed Environments.

Tenanted analytics must be activated in the Power Platform tenant firstly. The updates are only available for Managed Environments, and the feature enables administrators of Power Platform and Dynamics 365 only to receive these weekly digest emails.

Additionally, Managed Environments eligible for weekly digest are those which have been enabled for the feature. It's crucial to check this during the activation of Managed Environments.

To commence weekly digest emails, users must navigate to Tenant Settings and search for Weekly Digest. Please note this is only applicable to Managed Environments, as indicated by a green icon. Email recipients for the digest can be specified, and once saved, a confirmation message appears, securing your subscription to the weekly updates.

Additional posts to explore on Power Automate include tips on utilising the Filter Array to select an item based on its key value and selecting values from an array in a Power Automate Flow. Other topics include upgrading Dataverse for Teams Environment, installing On-Premise Gateway from Power Automate or Power Apps, and using features like co-presence in Power Automate.

The blog post also contains useful insights on using the Dataverse connector in a Flow, handling attachments in Dynamics 365 CRM, and more. The overall aim being to enhance the user experience with Power Platform and Power Automate.

General Remarks on the Power Platform Admin Center

The Power Platform Admin Center is a robust, unified portal designed to manage environments and settings for Power Apps and Power Automate. It offers granular control and visibility over the utilized resources with features like tenanted analytics and weekly digest emails for Managed Environments. The goal is to empower administrators with enhanced tools and insights to streamline administrative tasks while maximizing their efficiency and productivity. The Admin Center is continually evolving, with new features and updates geared towards improving the user experience and expanding its functionality.

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 - Power Platform Admin Center: Weekly Usage Insights Digest

Learn about Weekly Digest for usage insights | Power Platform Admin Center

The 'Power Platform Admin Center' in Microsoft lets you receive Weekly Digests for your Managed Environments, giving you updated insight and detailed analytics. This information is conveniently collated in a newsletter format.

To enable this feature, there are certain pre-requisites that must be fulfilled. Tenant-Level Analytics, for instance, needs to be activated in your Power Platform Tenant. The following tutorial provides detailed instructions on enabling Tenant-Level Analytics: 'Tenant-Level Analytics in Power Platform Admin Center | For Power Apps and Power Automate'

It's worth noting that only updates for managed environments are available with this feature. Further details on how to enable these managed environments can be found in the guide 'Enable Managed Environments in Power Platform Admin Center.'

Additionally, only the managed environments that have been enabled for Weekly Digest will be considered. When enabling managed environments, ensure you have checked the appropriate box indicating your preference for considering the Managed Environment for the Weekly Digest.

What's special about Weekly Digest is the customization that it provides to the administrator. You can specify the email addresses that should receive the Weekly Digest. While entering multiple email addresses, separate them with semicolons. Note that only Power Platform Administrators and Dynamics 365 Administrators will receive these updates.

Upon saving these changes, you receive a confirmation message. And that's it! You are all set to receive weekly updates on your Power Platform tenant's performance and usage.

Power Automate was designed for efficiency and productivity, offering services like determining the item based on a keyword value using Filter Array in Power Automate, selecting values from an array using the Select action in a Power Automate Flow, and more.

It supports a range of functionalities, including blocking attachment extensions in Dynamics 365 CRM, upgrading Dataverse for Teams Environment to Dataverse Environment, showing Sandbox or Non-Production Apps in the Power App mobile app, among others. Allowing multiple users to work on a Flow is possible through Co-presence in Power Automate.

With searchable rows using the Dataverse connector, asynchronous HTTP response, the ability to convert JSON to XML and vice versa, and performing FetchXML Aggregation using the CDS (Current Environment) connector, Power Automate truly broadens the possibilities of how you can manage and use your data.

By integrating the Power Platform Admin Center with Power Automate, the efficiency of your data management takes a leap forward, giving you more control over your analytics and how you receive them. With Weekly Digests, you can now stay updated seamlessly!

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