We can now chat with Microsoft Support
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Jul 29, 2023 11:00 PM

We can now chat with Microsoft Support

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Have you tried creating a support ticket recently in the Power Platform Admin Portal? Give it a try even if only out of curiosity – I was offered a chat option!

We can now chat directly with Microsoft Support via the Power Platform Admin Portal. This new format offers immediate communication with a support engineer. However, there are some downsides to this method of support. The chat doesn't provide an opportunity to share screenshots, making it a challenge to describe problems accurately.

In line with Microsoft's guidelines, the agents are equipped with pre-programmed responses, frequently asking if all questions have been answered. This format requires users to clarify that they still have lingering questions or issues.

  • Direct chat with a Microsoft Support Engineer.
  • Lack of screenshot functionality complicates issue-communication.
  • Microsoft agents use automated responses, requiring explicit indications of unresolved issues.

About the Microsoft Support Chat

The chat with Microsoft Support on the Power Platform Admin Portal has great potential. While it may revolutionize real-time support provision, it needs improvement. The inability to share visual cues such as screenshots may hinder the clarity of communication. Resolving such issues can optimize effectiveness.


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Microsoft Support offers a convenient chat feature to quickly connect customers with an experienced support engineer. This feature can be accessed by creating a support ticket in the Power Platform Admin Portal. The chat feature provides an easy way to communicate with the engineer, but there are some downsides to consider. It may be difficult to explain the problem without adding screenshots and Microsoft's use of quick replies may prevent customers from fully addressing their issue. Additionally, customers may not receive an accurate answer if they do not provide enough detail. To ensure the best experience, customers should provide as much information about their issue as possible.

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