Watermarking with Teams Premium
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Jan 4, 2023 9:50 PM

Watermarking with Teams Premium

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Watermarking with Teams Premium and Meeting Options

This blog will cover

  • Getting Teams Premium Trial
  • Configuring Watermarking in Teams Admin Centre
  • Configuring Watermarking in Meeting Options
  • Experience of Sharing Video
  • Experience of Sharing Content
  • FAQ

Note: this blog may have some abridged steps which will assume some experience with Teams. This blog is using a Ring 4 tenant with GA functionality. Teams Premium will be a trial sign up, but will soon be orderable via Microsoft 365 Portal or your CSP Partner


  • Global Admin for trial sign up. Global Admin or Teams Admin for tenant configuration
  • Microsoft 365 Licence for Teams for testing
  • Teams Premium Trial Licence for users
  • Ensure Teams Client is up to date (version tested on

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