Viva Goals: Limiting Trials, Organizational Creation, & Tagging Teams
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Sep 28, 2023 10:51 AM

Viva Goals: Limiting Trials, Organizational Creation, & Tagging Teams

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Discover effective techniques to enhance governance with Microsofts Viva Goals feature. Harness strategies to manage trials, organization creation, actions and

Viva Goals - Managing Trials, Organizations, and Team Operations

The blog post, authored by Chris Hoard [MVP], delves into in-depth discussions around trial restrictions, organizational creation, writing actions, team-related activities, and 'tags' within the Viva Goals, a ubiquitous component of the Microsoft 365 suite.

In a recent conversation with one of Microsoft's partners currently deploying Microsoft 365, noteworthy aspects were highlighted. These include Microsoft's evolution over recent years and the increase in advertisements within their products.

The author remarks on Microsoft's growing commercial tendencies post-pandemic. For instance, their focus on user transactions and growth numbers is reportedly causing some administrative issues. The concern particularly centers on governing the rollout of new services like Viva Goals.

An Ongoing Transition

Take, for instance, the potential challenges of a Viva Goals rollout. Assuming trials aren't restricted, any user can sign up. This can lead to multiple organizations being created, teams being formed, and tags and OKR's being exported - all by a single licensee. While this suite provides impressive functionalities, it could also result in governance issues without regulation. The blog offers three tips to enhance governance using Viva Goals:

  • Restrain Self-Service Trials: The author suggests restricting trial sign-ups to only administrators, preventing individual users from deploying Viva Goals independently.
  • Regulate Organization Creation: MVP points out that any licensed user can create an 'organization' within Viva Goals after its creation. Thus, it's crucial to control who can establish new organizations or business units within the suite, to avoid user confusion, management overhead, or potential compliance infringements.
  • Control Write Actions and Make Organizations Read-Only: This measure prevents any write actions and essentially freezes the organization in its current state. It's particularly useful if unauthorized organizations have been created and need to be reviewed.

The author emphasizes that it's not a critique of Microsoft. It is more of a cautious reminder to check the upcoming services rolled out into tenants and apply needed actions for better governance and user experience.

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Viva Other Products - Viva Goals: Limiting Trials, Organizational Creation, & Tagging Teams

Learn about Viva Goals – Restricting Trials, Org Creation, Write Actions and Teams and Tags

Microsoft's Viva Goals is an essential application for administrating team organization and management. One key aspect of this tool is the governance it offers to teams while performing rollouts of services. This blog post aims to navigate the topic of Viva Goals – restricting trials, tagging, and organization creation.

Various capabilities within this application allow organizations to have a systematic, controlled, and fully supervised performance and growth. Some of these functionalities include self-service sign up restriction, disabling write actions, and making organizations read-only.

Firstly, making global administrators the only ones able to create business units with other products aids in controlling and estimating the outcome of the procedure. It prevents unauthorized access and the creation of multiple organizations, which ultimately leads to a much smoother system workflow.

The core aim of restricting the self-service trials is to solely make the Viva Goals deployment process purely admin-driven. It curbs the ability of a user to deploy this application. This ensures only authorized and necessary deployments in the organization, followed by a thorough review and approval from the global administrators.

For user convenience, the website based applications usually have the option to enable or disable organization creation. This setting in settings helps control organization creation that may cause confusion among users leading to compliance infringement.

Another consideration when applying controlled rollouts is to restrict write actions, making organizations read-only. Enforcing organization read-only mode can put a halt on creating or editing any objective OKR’s. Further action is paused if an organization has already been created, giving the admin more control than before.

The final stage of this procedure is to govern what users can do within an organization. To have more control, teams and tags can be created or restricted from being made. This exists within the Viva Goals web application or in the Microsoft Teams Client.

To ensure a high level of governance, as shown previously, the invitation to collaborations and team creations may only be done by administrators. Tag creation, and status setup, as well as exportation of OKR's, are also managed solely by administrators.

Ultimately, compliance with these guidelines ensures your Microsoft 365 tools, and services remain manageable despite Microsoft's commercial-focused attributes. Adhering to these governance actions results in a more seamless user experience and successfully productive work environment.

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