Enhanced User Experience with Vivas New Copilot Feature
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Enhanced User Experience with Vivas New Copilot Feature

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Revolutionize workplace productivity with Microsofts AI-powered Copilot feature, transforming leader-employee interaction.

Learn about Viva Engages New Copilot Feature for Improved User Experience

Microsoft recently introduced the Copilot feature in Viva Engage. The new AI-driven tool aims to reimagine the way we interact with Microsoft 365 applications and data—boosting productivity across all board. Copilot, among other beneficial features, aids leaders in connecting more effectively with their employees via assistive prompts, inclusive communications, and insights.

  • Copilot in Viva Engage can suggest a variety of topics to post about, these suggestions come from trending content, organizational campaigns, and data-driven best practices.
  • It aids communication by offering a summary of sentiment on selected topics, providing prompts for a draft message, and allowing customization of tone and content.
  • Copilot automatically generates draft posts, complete with relevant attachments. Authors can then edit and revise the message as they see fit before publishing.
  • It goes a step further to predict potential questions readers may have about a post and suggests responses. Its predictive response capability could help authors proactively address concerns even before they are raised.
  • Copilot also bundles the feedback into analytics, which gives a deeper understanding of engagement, trending topics, reach, etc.
  • The AI safeguard ensures content generation is based only on information that the user originally had access to, and it protects against inappropriate language and information leaks.

To learn more about this transformative approach to work, interested individuals can follow up on Microsoft's official blog for announcements and updates on Viva Engage and Copilot in particular. Awareness can also be improved by participating in Microsoft 365 training programs and specific workshops addressing Viva Engage. Understanding the features' dynamics better may eventually lead to better utilization and, consequently, improved productivity.

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