Viva Engage - Why should it be part of your internal communication strategy?
Viva Engage (Yammer)
Jul 11, 2023 1:41 AM

Viva Engage - Why should it be part of your internal communication strategy?

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Is Viva Engage part of your Internal Communication Strategy? Have you thought about using this to improve your employee engagement?

Viva Engage is a powerful tool for internal communication strategies, helping to improve employee engagement. A recent discussion in the Microsoft 365 Studio with Sari Soinoja, an advocate for Microsoft 365 and modern work solutions, shed light on the benefits of Viva Engage. Sari brings years of experience in the tech sector and focuses on addressing real-life challenges with tangible tech solutions.
Her prime objective is to enable individuals and organizations to excel in an increasingly dynamic world. Sari stays current with the latest tech trends, providing valuable insights to her expansive professional network.
Viva Engage, a Microsoft Teams app powered by Yammer", connects everyone at your organization through employee communities and conversations. This improves communication and collaboration across teams and departments.

  • Improves internal communication strategy
  • Leads to better employee engagement
  • Allows for real-life challenges to be addressed with tangible tech solutions
  • Helps organizations to excel in a dynamic world
  • Keeps users updated with the latest tech trends
  • Connects everyone in an organization via employee communities and conversations

Further Insights on Viva Engage

Viva Engage is not just part of an internal communication strategy, but also a means to foster better communication and engagement in work environments. Utilizing the app enhances connections between teams, boosts productivity, and resolves real-life challenges through technology. By implementing such solutions, organizations prepare themselves to excel in a rapidly evolving world. As a part of Microsoft 365, it seamlessly integrates with existing systems thus offering efficient, reliable, real-time communication and collaboration.

Learn about Viva Engage - Why should it be part of your internal communication strategy?

Viva Engage is an app powered by Microsoft Teams and Yammer that can be used as part of an internal communication strategy. It allows organizations to connect and engage with their employees through employee communities and conversations. Sari Soinoja, an experienced tech sector professional, supports the use of Viva Engage to improve employee engagement. She believes that tech solutions can help individuals and organizations to excel in a dynamic world and advocates for the use of Microsoft 365 and modern work solutions. Sari also emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and knowledge sharing in order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech sector. With Viva Engage, organizations can benefit from increased employee engagement, improved communication and access to the latest trends in the tech sector.

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