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Oct 21, 2023 7:30 PM

Viva Amplify - Explore Publications

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Master Microsoft Viva Amplify with our in-depth guide exploring email, Teams, SharePoint publication integration, reporting and analytics for a productive works

An Inside Look at Viva Amplify Publications

This summary discusses a YouTube video by Darrell Webster Modern Work Mentor about Viva Amplify - a productivity tool from Microsoft that displays work publications enhancing workplace collaboration. The video explores what Viva Amplify publications look like after they've been dispatched and how they generate analytic data.

Key topics covered in the video include publications in email, Teams, SharePoint sites, content viewing and reaction, redundant content, and publications in Outlook mobile.

The video also discusses Viva Amplify's current roll-out phase, how it offers an understanding of a campaign's influence within an organization, its reach on readers and its reporting features.

Reporting and Analytics in Viva Amplify

Viva Amplify provides detailed, user-centric analytics across departments. It allows campaigners to understand their campaign reach and allows for the creation of layered reports, revealing more in-depth insight and driving strategy.

Reports in Viva Amplify are categorized into two levels - campaign aggregates and individual publication data. This allows a more detailed breakdown, providing valuable insights into viewer behavior, and defining the total impact a campaign or publication has made.

Viva Amplify user statistics are represented graphically, with relative sizes for different figures such as shares, forwards, and mentions of a campaign/publication. These stats are displayed as percentages of the total audience reached during the publications.

Detailed Reports and Defining Reaction Patterns in Viva Amplify

Viva Amplify offers tools to understand audience reaction patterns. Explicit user reactions like likes, dislikes, and emoticon feedback are categorized into positive, negative, and neutral.

Customizable report views in Viva Amplify allow for a breakdown by profile dimension, factoring in details like location and demographics. By leveraging a mixture of viewer profiles and publication channels, we can better comprehend reach and audience engagement for a specific publication.

Tools like grouping and breaking down by organizational data can help better quantify reception and viewer demographics for different outputs. Such metrics are essential for understanding and targeting audience behavior better.

How Viva Amplify Collects and Manages Data

Viva Amplify collects usage signals from licensed users whenever they interact with publications using Microsoft Graph. The signals data is anonymized when tracking user behavior and interactions.

It is to note, however, that data points from Microsoft Graph and Viva Amplify reports may vary with the distribution channel as different channels have distinct integration levels with Microsoft Graph.

Viva Amplify only stores count data, not user information, preserving privacy. If organizational data is used for Group by and Breakdown by, anonymized signal data is stored unless the number of signals reaches a predetermined threshold.

The tool also enables detailed data download in the form of CSV files for both campaign level data and quick view data.

Wrap Up

Viva Amplify paints a complete picture of how well your organization employs this Productivity Suite and its publications. It offers granular analytics for assessing user behavior and interaction, providing useful insights for an infinitely productive work setting. Its data collection tools, combined with aggregate reports, offer comprehensive stats that detail growing trends and reactions while ensuring full privacy.

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Learn about Viva Amplify - Viewing publications

Seeing how publications look once sent is an essential aspect of using Viva Amplify. During your authoring stage, you see the previews. When these publications are read, reacted to, replied, or forwarded, they generate analytics that will be visible in the end reports.

You can view your publications on various platforms, including emails, Microsoft teams, SharePoint sites, and Outlook Mobile. Viewing, reacting, and getting aggregate duplicates here would reflect on the final reports.

Aside from the channels above, we also have platforms offering online courses on how Viva Amplify Works. For instance, you can check out on this YouTube Playlist for detailed courses on Viva Amplify. Note that the service is currently in the rollout stage and will soon be available generally.

These lessons will feature publication in email, Teams, SharePoint sites, aggregates and duplicates, viewing and reacting, and publications in outlook mobile. Reporting signals in Viva Amplify should give you insights and proficiency on how your campaigns and corresponding publications are impacting your readers and people in your organization.

You will learn how the campaign members can see the reach and impact a campaign or specific publication has had across all recipients with ease using Viva Amplify. This reporting service aggregates user signals from different endpoints in a single location. It will help corporate communicators to understand how successful their campaigns have been.

You will also get directions for filtering and organizing your reports to customize the views to your preference. Getting insights on audience engagement and understanding their reactions to your publications are also part of these lessons. You'll also learn how to collect and calculate user signals, and also download the relevant data.

Viva Amplify presents Automatic audience building and distribution services or you; they allow you to get your content to the appropriate audience efficiently. More advanced users can explore additional training in these online courses to enhance their skills and understanding of Viva Amplify better.

To sum up, while watching YouTube videos or taking online courses may make you familiar with Viva Amplify's functionalities, the best way to fully understand how it works is by immersing yourself in its organic use. Along the way, you will find valuable insights that will improve your proficiency in using this informative tool. As you continue using it, you become more versed in its various features and better at utilizing the tool to improve your communication within your organization.

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