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Viva Amplify
Oct 18, 2023 7:00 PM

Viva Amplify - Reporting & Data Analysis

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Optimize your Microsoft Viva Amplify campaigns with comprehensive reporting on views, reactions, promotions, and insights into audience engagement.

Darrell Webster, a Modern Work Mentor, presents the functionalities and advantages of a new Microsoft product, Viva Amplify, in his Youtube video. Viva Amplify is a campaign reporting tool that presents how well your publications have been received.

The tool offers reporting on things like views, reactions and replies, and particularly whether people have promoted the publication by sharing it further. The system is, however, still currently rolling out, with general availability expected soon.

Using reporting signals from Viva Amplify, managers and executives can better understand the influence their campaigns and associated publications have on readers and people within their organization. It offers a centralized, single-location user interface that gathers signals from across various endpoints and allows for reports generation. In turn, it overlays organizational data, enhancing the insight and understandability.

With Viva Amplify, viewership and promotion data can be categorized for an entire campaign or for individual publications. Publication-specific reports provide added value by offering the ability to group by and breakdown results for more detailed information.

Moreover, the tool provides explicit measurements of user reactions, grouping similar user intentions into three categories: positive, negative, and neutral. Reactions are quantified in detailed reports, contributing to better audience engagement understanding.

Users can filter and organize their reports to customize viewing. This could be based on where the item has been published, or by profile dimension of the viewers. Viva Amplify supports configuration to use organizational data, which, together with where the item has been published, provides insights into reach and engagement.

Viva Amplify doesn't just aggregate user signals from licensed Amplify users, but also collects signals data from Microsoft Graph and anonymizes user behavior and interactions. Unlicensed user signals may not be accurately reported and Amplify only stores count and not user information.

The tool also offers the option to download data in a CSV format for both the campaign level and quick view data. The downloaded data only reflects the current Group by and Breakdown settings, and filters do not affect the data downloaded to the file.

Why do organizations need products like Viva Amplify?

The use of reporting tools, like Viva Amplify, have become a necessity for any organization looking to analyze the performance of their campaigns. These types of tools provide detailed insights into how users react to your publications, how many people have viewed and promoted your content, and more.

With the ability to break down results into detailed information, organize reports by various parameters, and overlay organizational data, these tools help organizations understand their audience better. This, in turn, could lead to improved engagement and increased campaign success.

Moreover, the option to download data for offline analysis and the availability of data on both the campaign as well as individual publication levels, makes them highly versatile for organizations of different sizes. In other words, such tools are becoming indispensable in a data-driven world.

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Learn about Viva Amplify - Reporting

Microsoft Viva Amplify is a platform designed to gather metric data about organizational publications and campaigns. With this tool, you can gauge reception and impact of specific articles or corporate initiatives within your organization, given by gathering insights on views, reactions, and replies. This information, divided into campaign and individual report data, provides an insightful overview on how the audience engages. To fully understand this tool's capabilities, consider enrolling in appropriate training courses such as Microsoft Viva Amplify for beginners and Microsoft Viva Fundamentals.

Including analytics to your reporting allows you to delve deep into gathering valuable insights. What you need to remember in lesson 8 is how to use the reporting overview for your campaign, reporting for a publication, analytics licensing, group analytics and the summary of all lessons. To get a broader look at this, consider completing courses in data analytics and reporting.

The capability to view detailed reports for each publication serves as a vital functionality of Microsoft's communications tool and data visualization courses will give you a practical and theoretical understanding on how to interpret and utilize such data.

To further understand your audience, additional data such as reactions to a publication are incorporated into Viva Amplify's reporting. These reactions, categorized as positive, negative, and neutral, help you tailor-make content that would garner the most positive audience engagement. Training in social media analytics can help improve your skills to interpret these signals.

The tool also offers customization options, where data can be filtered and organized based on where the item has been published or by the viewers' profile dimensions. Such data can be instrumental in driving decisions based around campaigns and publications.

In terms of data collection and calculation, viewers' interactions with the publication are taken into account to create an organized and in-depth review of how the publication has been received. A course in data science and understanding the Microsoft Graph could be beneficial in understanding and navigating this computing platform that unifies data across multiple Microsoft cloud services.

Lastly, the data can be easily downloaded in the form of CSV files at both, an aggregate campaign level and the detailed publication report level. To best understand and manipulate this information, consider learning database management and Excel data handling and operations.

In conclusion, the power of Viva Amplify lies in the numerous insights it provides to its users. From allowing a closer look at the audience's reception to innovate content, to mapping user intent and interactions to improve overall communications functions. To get the best out of this tool, you need a foundation in data analytics, social media analytics, data visualization, data science and working knowledge in database management and Excel.

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