Viva Amplify Now Available - Get Yours Today!
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Oct 11, 2023 10:00 AM

Viva Amplify Now Available - Get Yours Today!

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Master campaign management with Viva Amplify - now for all Microsoft experts! Enhance your corporate communications today.

The Microsoft has announced in a YouTube video the general availability of Viva Amplify, a solution designed for corporate communicators. This platform aims to centralize campaign management, publishing, and reporting, allowing corporations to engage their employees more efficiently.

The Viva Amplify application comes with necessary licensing and a set of functionalities that can help enterprises achieve better communication and alignment within teams. It will be available in the Microsoft 365 app launcher after it has fully rolled out.

  • User needs to possess either a Communication and Communities license or a Suite license.
  • IT administrators should review the guide for setting up Amplify in their organization.
  • The necessary roles can be assigned to various people within the organization.
  • A user guide is provided to effectively manage the campaigns.

Amplify assists companies to reach out to their employees through various channels including Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. The platform is a web experience, automatically enabled for users with necessary licensing. With Amplify, campaigners can create organization wide campaigns to provide information, create alignment, and inspire action – all managed from one place.

This advanced platform allows you to easily create a centralized advertising campaign that offers several tools. These tools can be used to build immersive content, work on campaign initiatives, and collaborate from anywhere.

What is an Amplify Campaign?

A campaign in this sense is a well-orchestrated initiative, centering around a common goal aimed at driving action, generating awareness, and boosting employee engagement. A campaign may include a series of planned publications, which uses various communication outlets such as SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams. This is specifically put together to reach diversified audiences.

Use cases can vary from product launch campaigns to philanthropic campaigns, and are designed to promote an event, boost change management communications, or manage status updates for goals, projects, and events. This ultimately can create awareness for various topics and increase engagement, sparking a new interest within your organisation.

Administrative prerequisites include ensuring site creation and Microsoft 365 group creation permissions are granted by the organisation. Therefore, having the right permissions are fundamental to using this new platform.


Viva - Viva Amplify Now Available - Get Yours Today!



Learn about Viva Amplify is generally available today

Today we examine Viva Amplify, a platform that was recently released to the public. It was made known to the general public via a blog post. Viva Amplify is a highly useful tool designed to manage campaigns, publishing, and reporting within a corporate environment. Its main purpose is to help communicators reach out to the entire organization in an engaging and effective manner. This has become possible through multi-channel publishing that enables communicators to reach out to the staff through various platforms such as Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. In turn, this makes it possible for employees to get information from channels they prefer.

To be able to use Viva Amplify, it is necessary to have a Viva Communications and Communities License, or a Viva Suite License. Depending on what your needs are, you may choose either one. A notable feature of this tool is that it allows users to create and manage organization-wide campaigns right from one place. The campaigns can be aesthetic in nature, designed to inform the people in your organization, create alignment, or maybe even inspire action.

Once the rollout of the application has been completed, it will appear in the Microsoft 365 app launcher in your organization. If you need help setting up this tool in your organization, kindly consult the guide made available for this purpose. As an IT administrator, make sure to review this guide thoroughly.

  • Give people admin roles like SharePoint Admin, Groups Admin.
  • Manage who can create campaigns in Amplify.

If you are looking at setting up this software, kindly do so by following the step-by-step guide on this link: With this software, you can centrally manage campaigns, publishing, and generate reports. This would help corporate communicators to reach out to the employees in a meaningful way. The campaigns can be managed from a single location, ensuring better coordination and management.

In discussing the licensing for Amplify, it is required that one has any of these products:

  • Microsoft Amplify Learn more about amplifying the program
  • Microsoft Employee Communities & Communications
  • Microsoft for Faculty
  • Microsoft with Glint add-on

One can use Amplify to create a campaign that provides a central location for planning and building activities. These activities can include things like content creation, work on campaign initiatives, and collaboration from various locations. Campaigns usually include the following items:

  • Objectives and Key Messages
  • A set of related Amplify publications with out-of-the-box templates
  • Publishing capabilities across multiple channels
  • Resource links and a document library to store your assets
  • Collaborative inbox via Microsoft 365 groups

Just so you know, an Amplify campaign is basically an organized plan designed to generate awareness and employee engagement. These campaigns can help to generate awareness around a particular topic, thereby sparking interest within your organization. Before you can create a campaign using this tool, you have to meet certain prerequisites, such as getting site creation permission and having Microsoft 365 group creation enabled.

At this juncture, it is clear that Viva Amplify has the capacity to improve communication within a corporate setting. Therefore, for effective communication in every organization, this would be a go-to tool


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