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Viva Amplify - Distribution channels

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Learn how Microsoft Viva Amplify lets you craft, distribute, and analyze engaging content across multiple channels!

Implications of Viva Amplify's Distribution Channels

First, Microsoft Viva Amplify lets you produce an outstanding publication in the main draft and then dispatch it via several distribution channels to connect with your audience. Among these channels are favorites such as Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams. Furthermore, it prioritizes centralised publishing, encouraging users to create campaigns that are centralized. For more information about Viva Other Products, click here.

A Viva Amplify campaign helps you to design engaging content, work on various initiatives, and collaborate from anywhere. These campaigns provide you with a brief template filled with tools such as objectives, key messages, universal publishing capabilities, Network (Quick) links, default document library, and a combined inbox for collaboration.

Apart from these, they provide Reporting insights to measure the performance of your campaign and many other benefits. In short, Viva Amplify campaigns allow you to manage your campaigns effectively while creating a series of planned publications aimed at driving action.

Launching and Management of Viva Amplify Campaign

To create a Microsoft Viva Amplify Campaign, the user needs to sign in to Microsoft 365 and navigate to Viva Amplify. At the top of the Viva Amplify home, a "+Create Campaign" button is available which will give you access to a new screen where you can name your campaign and provide a description.

Note that Microsoft 365 group email will be automatically generated with the same name as your campaign. You can also choose a unique thumbnail color to make your campaign stand out in the campaign list. Certain functionalities can't be edited while creating a campaign, such as privacy settings and campaign classification. However, these can be modified after the campaign creation, subject to the permissions set by the admin.

Afterward, users can add members to their campaigns. They are also permitted to assign different roles to the members based on their contribution to the campaign. The roles would determine the members' involvement level and contribution to the campaign creation process. Some of the roles include owner, approver, and editor, each having a different responsibility.

Tracking the Status of your Campaign

You can view your campaign status to see which stage your campaign is at in its lifecycle. There are two primary classifications: Draft and Live. Draft means that the campaign is still in development and has not gone live, while Live means that the campaign is currently active and that at least one publication has been successfully published to the selected audience.

The author, "Darrell Webster Modern Work Mentor," concludes by discussing the support and broader options available to Viva Amplify users. He suggests exploring subscription benefits, browsing training courses, and learning how to secure one's device as valuable next steps.

General Overview of the Viva Amplify Service

Microsoft's Viva Amplify service continually proves its value in modern work integration. It eases the process of content creation, management, and distribution, effectively bridging the gap in remote collaboration. The service allows for the strategic use of popular platforms like Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams to reach a wider audience.

Additionally, it incorporates essential tools that provide a plethora of campaign benefits, such as objectives, key messages, universal publishing capabilities, and a combined inbox. Its role segmentation feature allows granular permission levels, ensuring efficient collaboration and delegation within a campaign. With the continuous support provided by Microsoft and the broader options available, the Viva Amplify service sets the tone for a more seamless, well-integrated future of work.

Learn about Viva Amplify - Distribution channels


Microsoft Viva Amplify is a powerful tool designed to facilitate the creation and publication of content over several distribution channels to reach targeted audiences. In this guide, we will be exploring what a Viva Amplify campaign is, how to create one, and some details about campaign status.

A Viva Amplify campaign is a series of strategically planned and implemented publications, aiming at driving actions, creating awareness, and fostering employee engagement. Campaigns are designed to cater to a variety of audiences, using different communication channels such as SharePoint, Outlook, Teams and more channels like Viva Engage are likely to be incorporated in the future. Examples of campaigns include product launch, benefits and enrollment, and philanthropy campaigns.

A Viva Amplify Campaign proves most effective in promoting events, launching new products, constructing change management communications for your organization, or when you need to manage all the communications and status updates relating to a goal, project, or event systematically.

Your Microsoft Viva Amplify Campaign can be created seamlessly if your admin deploys it for your organization and grants you campaign permissions. Before you begin, you need to ensure that site creation permission and Microsoft 365 group creation rights have been provided to you by your organization.

Creating Microsoft Viva Amplify Campaign

To create a Microsoft Viva Amplify Campaign, sign in to Microsoft 365 and navigate to Viva Amplify. At the top of the page, select +Create Campaign. On the new screen that appears, select Create a campaign. Provide a unique name for your campaign and describe the purpose of your campaign to help differentiating it.

Note that privacy settings and the campaign classification can't be edited when the campaign is being created. However, after the campaign creation process, you can choose a campaign classification in the campaign settings section of the campaign landing page.

Adding Members to your Campaign

Consider inviting others to help build your campaign. They can help create content and publish or approve what’s being published to a campaign. Roles such as Owner, Approver and Editor assign varying levels of permissions based on the tasks they perform. Add and invite campaign members to your campaign by adding names or email addresses of those you'd like to invite and selecting Add to list. You can also update campaign member roles as per your needs.

After you've added all of your campaign members to the list, select Create campaign. Once your campaign has been created, it will appear in the Viva Amplify list of campaigns.

About Campaign Status

Once the campaign is created, you can check the status of your campaign to help determine what stage it is in. The two main statuses are Draft status, where the campaign is being worked on and Live status, where the campaign is active and at least one publication has been successfully published to the chosen audience.

For further resources or assistance, feel free to explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more. You can also participate in the community discussions to ask and answer questions, give feedback, and connect with experts with extensive knowledge.


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