Viva Amplify - Campaign Creation
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Oct 25, 2023 11:30 AM

Viva Amplify - Campaign Creation

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Master Microsoft Viva Amplify campaign creation with our comprehensive guide - optimize team communication and engagement today!

In this informative YouTube video brought to us by Darrell Webster, a modern work mentor, we learn about the features and benefits of creating a campaign via Viva Amplify, a new product from Microsoft. With this tool, your team can efficiently plan, build, and manage engaging content for various campaign initiatives, while simultaneously facilitating widespread collaboration on these projects.

Viva Amplify focuses on generating awareness and engagement within your organization through a series of planned and orchestrated publications. The content generated can be disseminated through various channels like SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams.

To create a campaign using this platform, you'd need the Campaigns permissions according to your organization's rules. For a full experience with Viva Amplify, your admin will need to deploy this product for your workspace. Here are some examples of campaigns you can run: a Benefits & Enrollment campaign, a product launch campaign, or a Philanthropy campaign.

The video explains the prerequisites, too - site creation permission, Microsoft 365 group creation permission both need to be provided to you by your admin. After creating a campaign, you also have the option to add additional members to your campaign.

Assigning roles to your campaign members is an essential feature offered by Viva Amplify. The responsibilities associated with each role - campaign owner, campaign approver, and campaign editor - are described in the video. You can update member roles at any time, according to the campaign's requirements.

Creating a Campaign in Detail:

Creating a campaign in Viva is easy. Firstly, sign in to Microsoft 365 and navigate to Viva Amplify. Select "+Create Campaign" at the top. Next, provide a unique name and describe your campaign's purpose. You can then choose the thumbnail color and set privacy settings (which can't be edited after creation). Post-creation, if enabled by your admin, you can adjust the classification in the campaign settings.

You can now invite others to help build the campaign, with varying levels of permissions based on assigned roles. Existing campaign members and their roles can be managed as per your requirements. After the member list is set, select 'Create Campaign'. Your campaign will then be listed with other Viva campaigns. All members will be notified via email about the new campaign.

The status of the campaign provides insight into what stage your campaign is at in its lifecycle. Currently, two statuses are available: Draft and Live.

For those wanting more assistance or options with Viva Amplify, the product provides multiple resources like subscription benefits, training courses, and security measures. The campaign tool also provides access to communities for asking questions, giving feedback, and learning from experts in the field.


Viva Amplify offers an optimized tool for creating and managing campaigns that efficiently combine various communication channels, simplifying campaign management for all. With its easy-to-use features and interface, it has the potential to become a significant asset to organizations.

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Learn about Viva Amplify - Create a Campaign

To understand the subject matter more comprehensively, one must delve into the world of Microsoft Viva Amplify and its feature of campaign creation. In layman's terms, Viva Amplify is a groundbreaking tool designed to streamline your team's communication strategy using a mechanism called campaigns. This novel system is being progressively unrolled, with open-access release expected soon.

The primary function of a Viva Amplify campaign is to serve as a central hub where all members involved in the campaign can build content, implement related initiatives, and collaborate from anywhere. This includes a myriad of utilities, such as an all-encompassing briefing template, objectives, key messages, default document library, links to useful resources, etc., that are integral parts of a successful promotion or project. Furthermore, these campaigns help foster stakeholder engagement and bring about awareness about the organization's objectives.

The initiative structures could be devised for different purposes or events, such as benefits and enrollment campaigns, product launches, and philanthropic activities. Viva Amplify is a highly recommended platform to generate interest around a specific subject and engage with various demographics within your organization. To enjoy these services without any hindrance, one requires active permissions from the organization's admin.

In terms of prerequisites, the user must first ensure that the necessary site creation permissions have been granted. Similarly, Microsoft 365 group creation should be permitted. This can be verified with the help of your admin. Getting started involves signing in to Microsoft 365 and navigating to Viva Amplify. Once there, selecting "+Create Campaign" begins the process.

The process includes giving your campaign a distinct name, followed by creating a campaign description. This description should include all relevant information necessary to understand the campaign comprehensively. Users also have the option of choosing a distinct thumbnail color to differentiate their campaign. Apart from this, members can be added to help drive, create content, and approve the campaign.

The roles within a campaign can vary from the owner, who manages the entire campaign, to approvers and editors with respective rights and responsibilities. At the campaign's nascent stages, the creator automatically becomes the owner of the campaign. However, roles can be altered post-creation as needed.

To measure the progression of a campaign, users have access to a status monitor that displays the campaign's current status. A status of 'Draft' indicates that the campaign has not been launched yet, while 'Live' status suggests that the campaign is active and has accomplished at least one successful outreach to its target audience.

If the users ever need any form of guidance or have any unanswered questions, they can always seek help within the community or explore additional subscription benefits or training.

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