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Viva Amplify
Oct 18, 2023 12:00 PM

Viva Amplify - Coauthoring

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Collaborate efficiently with Viva Amplify & master coauthoring publications with our 8-module video tutorial on SharePoint, email, Teams & more!

A Comprehensive Guide to Coauthoring in Viva Amplify

Viva Amplify is an excellent asset for teams working towards a common goal, especially when it comes to publication and mass communication through different channels within an organization such as SharePoint, email, and Teams. It is currently in the roll-out stage with general availability surfacing soon. However, it should be noted Viva Amplify is not currently equipped to accommodate co-publication.

In the YouTube video presented by Darrell Webster - a modern work mentor, lesson 3 of 8 is demonstrated. The lesson steps viewers through coauthoring, publication card and turn-based editing. Although Viva Amplify doesn't currently support co-authorship within its platform yet, it serves as a promising tool for team collaboration within the corporate landscape.

An integral component of Viva Amplify is the campaign feature. A campaign consists of various communication resources (publications) that are generated to accomplish a certain goal. The campaign feature can be effectively utilized to raise charity event awareness, announce product launches, encourage employee learning event enrollment and much more. Find more information here.

  • Raise awareness for a charity event
  • Announce and prepare for a product launch
  • Encourage enrollment in an employee learning event
  • And many more scenarios

Publications in Viva Amplify are another functional aspect you can work with. This includes all of the emails, SharePoint news posts, and Teams posts supporting a campaign. Collaboration is key in crafting, publishing, and approving these publications.

Want more features? Subscription benefits, training courses, device security guide and more are available for exploration. Communities within the interface also enable exchanging of questions, feedback, and expert advice for better utility of the platform.

Exploring the Potential of Viva and Similar Platforms

With the rapid advancements in digital collaboration, tools like Viva Amplify have a promising role in transforming corporate communication. The utility of coauthoring, campaign publications, and tailored mass communication significantly improves teamwork efficiency. Although not yet equipped with co-authorship, its potential suggests a revolution in workplace interaction.

Interactive platforms such as this not only streamline communication but also provide effective support for organization-wide initiatives. Product launches, learning events, charity awareness, and more can be enhanced with planned, strategic communication.

As digital collaboration continues to evolve, we can expect more features that further simplify and enhance team interaction. The future holds great promise for digital collaboration tools, and Viva Amplify is undoubtedly a beacon in this transformation.

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Collaboration is an important aspect of any business. With Viva Other Products like Viva Amplify, it becomes easier to collaborate on publications and messaging with your team. Especially in marketing, the input of several heads is often better than one. However, it's important to note that as of now, coauthoring a publication remains a feature yet to be introduced.

Notably, the educational offerings of Viva Other Products include comprehensive lessons on coauthoring, publication cards, and turn-based editing. Interested individuals can access these lessons through a playlist available on video streaming platforms such as YouTube.

Viva Other Products, such as Viva Amplify, are currently being launched, promising a range of services designed to improve seamless communication within companies. These include sending tailored messages via different channels, such as SharePoint, email, and Teams.

With Viva Amplify, users can design campaigns comprising a set of communication materials that support a goal. There is immense potential to utilize campaigns for a multitude of scenarios. However, it's important to note that the service doesn't cover emergency communications. To create a campaign, users can follow a step-by-step guide for beginners.

With Viva Amplify, publications such as emails, SharePoint news posts, and Teams posts are designed to support a campaign. Since campaigns are collaborative in nature, teams can work together to create, publish, and approve publications.

For individuals interested in exploring more about this service, numerous benefits, training courses, device security tips, and more are available on a subscription basis. Finally, an integral part of learning and improving your skills with this tool is the vibrant communities set up to help you ask and answer questions, give and receive feedback, and learn from experts with rich knowledge.

Indeed, effective communication is fundamental to any organization's success, and Viva Amplify makes it easier to achieve this goal, as it offers a set of tools designed to help teams collaborate more effectively. These tools include the ability to create campaigns, send tailored messages, and even collaborate on publications. With a promise of making communication in organizations more streamlined and effective, the benefits of Viva Other Products like Viva Amplify are substantial.


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