Power BI: Effective Visualization of Status Tracking Data
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Nov 3, 2023 3:00 PM

Power BI: Effective Visualization of Status Tracking Data

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Master the art of creating a status tracker and analyzing projects with Power BI in this easy step-by-step guide.

Power BI: Visualizing Status Tracking Data

The YouTube video delves into how to craft a status tracker with Power BI's native visuals. This versatile visual can be utilized to track various processes, like lead conversion in a sales pipeline or package delivery. The tutor guides viewers through building it step by step with easy-to-understand visuals.

Key Areas covered in the video include: Create a table with all stages, Start with a Line Chart, Order all stages correctly, Fill up to current stage, and Refining the Design, among others.More information about Power BI's capabilities. The video finishes with how to add additional metrics to your status tracker.

The video's main objective is not just the creation of a status tracker but its application in analyzing projects with Power BI. Part of a tutorial series, it aids in familiarizing users with the combined use of Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI with SharePoint Online.

Tour of Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop, a robust tool with numerous features, is given a quick review. The application is split into three sections: Report view for creating visualizations, Data view for managing the data for the selected table, and Relationships view - not covered in this video.

The Report view possesses five important areas while the Data view has three. These include the ribbon, center pane, and Fields pane. The video ends with a discussion about Query Editor, the section where you refine your data model before loading it into Power BI Desktop.

Bringing in data to Power BI Desktop is demonstrated, starting with establishing linking to two lists. The data is then tidied up by erasing unnecessary columns and adjusting the data types of the remaining columns. The goal is to ensure data analysis progresses smoothly.

Steps to Create Power BI Report

In the model enhancement segment, the video illustrates the process of refining a data model, post-data import. While agreeing it can be time-consuming, it emphasizes its importance for optimal results.

The concluding segment involves building visualizations which, for many, is the crux of data analysis. A quartet of visualizations are highlighted, including two different column charts, a card showing the longest pending project, and a table showing the gap between project approval and projected start date.
This is a crucial step in the tutorial as the creation of reports and dashboards on Power BI constitutes the next part of this series.

A General Look at Power BI

Power BI is a powerful analytics service by Microsoft, offering interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities. It provides tools for transforming raw data into insightful information. Its features like DAX scripting, Power Query, and visualization tools make it an exceptional tool for data analysis. A community of users and regular updates ensure continuous improvement and a pool of resources to draw from.

Power BI - Power BI: Effective Visualization of Status Tracking Data

Status Tracking Data in Power BI

The presented information delineates the process for using Power BI—a robust data visualization tool—to create status trackers. Through a tutorial in the form of a YouTube video, viewers are led through a step-by-step guide on establishing a status tracker. This can be applied to a variety of scenarios, such as monitoring a package's journey through the delivery process or tracking a potential client's progress through a sales funnel.

This tutorial, made comprehensible through the usage of native visuals, offers value not just to seasoned professionals but also to beginners venturing into data visualisation for the first time. To stay updated on other insightful tips pertaining to Power BI, the YouTube channel encourages viewers to subscribe.

This information also contains specific time-markers to efficiently navigate through different sections of the tutorial. This includes creating a table to represent all stages, initiating with a Line Chart, arranging all stages in their correct order, and progressively establishing the design while adding additional functionalities.

  1. Progressing Further Into Power BI
    The latter half of the details walks users through insights on creating a comprehensive report using Power BI which aligns with SharePoint Online, Power Apps, and Power Automate. It describes the process of bringing list data into this desktop-based tool, refining it for usage, and presenting visuals that convey information meaningfully.
  2. Using the Power BI Desktop Interface
    The interface of Power BI Desktop is divided into three primary work areas – Report view, Data view, and Relationships view, each performing unique tasks for the user. There's also a Query Editor available, which allows users to build precise queries and transform data based on their requirements.
  3. Importance of Data Modelling
    As we import data from various lists into the Power BI Desktop, data modelling becomes a pivotal job. Though it could be time-consuming, this activity influences the extent to which we extract value from our listed data within Power BI.
  4. Creating Insights through Visuals
    The final phase of data analysis involves the creation of visualizations to identify patterns in our data. This comprises charts showing projected versus actual days on projects, cards indicating the project pending for the longest time, and variance for each project, providing a deeper understanding of our collected data.

Table that shows the time between project approval and projected start date are among the report visualizations that can be introduced in Power BI Desktop. Concluding our analysis, we then publish our report and create a comprehensive dashboard.


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