New Power Automate Action: Send Urgent Messages with Microsoft Graph
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May 5, 2024 12:20 PM

New Power Automate Action: Send Urgent Messages with Microsoft Graph

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Boost Teams communication with Power Automates new action for urgent messages via Microsoft Graph!

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  • Power Automate now allows sending messages flagged as URGENT in Microsoft Teams through the 'Send a Microsoft Graph HTTP request' action.
  • Setting the importance property of the chatMessage object to urgent is required to send urgent messages.
  • Executing a POST request against the Graph endpoint, specific to either chat or channel conversations, sends the urgent message.
  • Sample request bodies and actions for Power Automate are provided for both group chats and channel conversations.
  • This new functionality enhances communication workflows in Teams without the need for premium licenses previously required for complex setups.

Using the new 'Send a Microsoft Graph HTTP request' action in Power Automate allows for sending urgent messages. One issue with the standard Microsoft Teams actions in Power Automate is that it cannot send messages marked as URGENT on Teams. However, this new action overcomes this limitation by enabling the sending of urgent messages in Microsoft teams, thus enhancing communication automation within Teams and Power Automate.

The process requires sending a request body representing the chatMessage object, which has a property named importance. To mark a message as urgent, one must set this property to urgent. Then a POST request is run against specific Microsoft Graph Endpoints to send the message.

  • For 1:1 Chats or Group Chats, a POST request is made to:<chat id>/messages with a sample request body specifying the importance as "urgent" and including the message content.
  • For Channel Conversations, the POST request is directed to:<team id>/channels/<channel ID>/messages with a sample request body indicating the importance as "urgent" and the message content.


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People also ask

How do you send a message from Power Automate?

To initiate message sending through Teams using Power Automate, proceed by following the outlined steps.

How to send a Teams message urgently?

Proceed by selecting 'Priority' next to the composition box, then choose between 'Important' or 'Urgent' to label your message accordingly. Compose your message after that. If you decide against this priority, you can deselect it by following the same steps and tapping it once more.

How to send messages in Teams using Graph API?

Utilize an HTTP request to transmit messages in Teams via the Graph API.

What is the shortcut for urgent message in Teams?

To mark messages as urgent within a Team, switch to formatting mode where you'll find the Urgent options. Utilize the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+I in any situation to apply this.



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