Using PowerFX with commands for cloning records with N to N relationship
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Sep 2, 2023 6:36 PM

Using PowerFX with commands for cloning records with N to N relationship

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Today we will learn how to create a command bar to clone a record with many-to-many relationships. For those who don’t know, in Model-Driven-Apps, we can create

Today's lesson focuses on using PowerFX for creating a command bar to clone records maintained with many-to-many relationships. This capability is supported in Model-Driven-Apps. The command bar was previously referred to as the "ribbon button". PowerFX underpins this functionality with its low code query structure.


I initiated this demonstration by creating two tables named 'Student' and 'Subject'. Following the creation of these tables, a command bar was established. The key functionality of this bar is to clone the records that have a many-to-many relationship. This is achieved using the commands facilitated by PowerFX in the Model-Driven-Apps platform.


By using PowerFX's low code query language, I was able to successfully clone the records from these two tables within the Model-Driven-Apps system. These records were established with a many-to-many relationship structure. Consequently, data related to various students and subjects can be duplicated and utilized as per the requirements.


This exploratory exercise provides us with an apt understanding of the capabilities of the PowerFX commands and their effective use in managing complex data relationships in a simplified manner. The cloning of records between tables with many-to-many relationships can be efficiently achieved using the Command Bar in Model-Driven-Apps.

Maintained with many-to-many relationships

PowerFX is a low code programming language that enables the implementation of complex tasks with ease. Model-Driven-Apps offers a platform where such dynamic tasks, like cloning records having many-to-many relationships can be performed. PowerFX is key mechanism which makes this feasible. The command bar plays a pivotal role in this process, acting as the interface through which the commands are issued to clone the desired records. This showcases the versatility and efficiency of PowerFX in managing data relationships in Model-Driven-Applications.


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The main topic of the text is about utilizing PowerFX to clone records in a many-to-many relationship. The context is within Model-Driven-Apps where a command bar can be created using a PowerFX low code query. The demonstration mentioned in the text involves creating two tables, 'Student' and 'Subject'.


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