Boost Meeting Productivity with GenAI Minutes Copilot
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May 5, 2024 7:00 AM

Boost Meeting Productivity with GenAI Minutes Copilot

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Revolutionize Meeting Minutes with GenAI Copilot – Citizen Developer Guide

Key insights




  • Using generative AI simplifies the creation of a meeting minutes copilot for citizen developers.
  • The process involves building topics that manage the dialogue flow and can be extended with actions via plugins.
  • An existing Meeting Minutes API was utilized within Power Automate to enable topic functionality for generating meeting minutes from transcripts.
  • Testing the copilot ensures it functions as expected, with the ability to analyze the conversation flow effectively.
  • The copilot can be deployed and made available to users through Microsoft Teams, exemplifying a seamless integration within a widely used platform.

Exploring the Integration of AI in Meeting Management

In today's fast-paced digital work environment, managing and documenting meetings has become a significant challenge. The integration of generative AI into tools like meeting minutes copilots represents a groundbreaking shift. This innovation not only streamlines the documentation process but also enhances the accessibility of meeting outcomes.

Using GenAI – Meeting Minutes Copilot is remarkably simple for citizen developers. It involves generating meeting minutes from a protocol. Additionally, the technical aspects of creating a meeting minute service were discussed.

Today’s focus is on constructing a meeting minutes copilot, originally known as Power Virtual Agent. It's now referred to as Copilot Studio, showcasing advanced features.

In Microsoft Copilot Studio, the process starts with creating a new copilot called Meeting Minutes Copilot in English. Advanced options also include defining an icon and Power Platform solution details.

Next, the basics of Microsoft Copilot are explained, emphasizing how it manages conversation progression within topics. Topics in the Copilot contain logic for partial conversations, acting like dialog flows with triggers, actions, and possible redirections.

To enhance the copilot, actions can be added as plugins. These are crucial for enabling automatic user responses. An example is utilizing a custom connector to integrate a Meeting Minutes API deployed in Microsoft Azure.

This API, previously deployed and used within Power Automate, aids in generating meeting minutes from a transcript. A new topic named Generate Meeting Minutes was created, with Microsoft Copilot Studio automatically generating trigger phrases and conversation flows.

By integrating a Power Automate Flow, the copilot can effectively generate meeting minutes. Finally, after testing, the copilot is published and made available in Microsoft Teams, demonstrating an easy-to-create tool for citizen developers.

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All about AI - Boost Meeting Productivity with GenAI Minutes Copilot


People also ask

Can Copilot generate meeting minutes?

Indeed, Copilot possesses the capability to create not only meeting notes but also concise summaries and points of action. It's noteworthy that for Copilot's functionality within Teams, a transcription is not a prerequisite. However, if one intends to utilize Copilot post-meeting, having a transcription recorded is essential.

Can Microsoft Copilot take notes?

Additionally, Copilot can record notes and identify action items concurrently. This feature, in particular, stands out as significantly beneficial for generating meeting notes effectively.



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