Optimize Security: Certificate Authentication via Cloud PKI in Entra
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Apr 20, 2024 4:22 AM

Optimize Security: Certificate Authentication via Cloud PKI in Entra

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Ultimate Guide: Secure Microsoft Entra with Cloud PKI & Intune │ Master CBA Now!

Key insights

  • Learn how to configure Certificate-Based Authentication in Microsoft Entra using Intune Cloud PKI for secure, phish-resistant access.
  • Certificate-based authentication (CBA) in Microsoft Entra allows for both single-factor and multi-factor authentication configurations, enhancing security without the need for complex infrastructure.
  • Implementing CBA involves setting up Cloud PKI, configuring CBA in Microsoft Entra, downloading and uploading CA certificates, enabling the authentication method, and issuing client certificates using Intune.
  • Testing CBA involves verifying issued certificates on user devices and ensuring successful login to applications using certificates, directly impacting user authentication experience.
  • To bolster security further, combine CBA with Conditional Access policies and Authentication strengths in Microsoft Entra, enforcing it during login for selectively enhanced security applications.

Further Insight into Certificate-Based Authentication in Microsoft Entra

Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) in Microsoft Entra marks a significant advancement in secure access management. By leveraging certificates issued from Intune Cloud PKI, Entra enables a stringent, phish-resistant authentication mechanism that doesn't compromise on ease of use. This approach not only augments the security landscape of organizations by eliminating less secure password-based logins but also offers flexibility in authentication methods — supporting both single and multi-factor authentications.

Learn how to configure certificate-based authentication in Microsoft Entra using certificates from your Intune Cloud PKI. Certificate-based authentication (CBA) in Microsoft Entra enables users to sign in with high security. It's free and doesn't require any special license or complex infrastructure.

To set up CBA, you'll first need your Intune Cloud PKI to issue trusted certificates. Whether to use single or multi-factor authentication depends on your scenario. Biometric authentication may also be necessary for certain devices or sensitive applications.

Certificate-based authentication in Microsoft Entra offers a range of use cases, such as replacing passwords and providing simplified access for front-line workers. To begin setting up, configure your Cloud PKI with the Client Authentication Extended Key Usage.

To configure CBA in Microsoft Entra with Cloud PKI, download Root and Issuing CA Certificates and CRLs. Upload this information to Microsoft Entra and enable certificate-based authentication. Assign it to your target users for a secure login process.

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People also ask

How do I use PKI for authentication?

Configuring client PKI authentication is the method for utilizing PKI in authentication processes.

Is certificate-based authentication considered MFA?

When evaluating Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) criteria, a certificate qualifies as a representation of something you possess. The storage medium of the certificate, such as a YubiKey, a computer managed through Intune SCEP or a different Mobile Device Management system, or utilizing Windows Hello For Business, embodies this factor. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the certificate is enhanced when it's guarded by an additional layer of security.

What is CA in PKI?

Within a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), the Certificate Authority (CA) plays a crucial role. Its primary function is to securely link a key with a specific entity. The CA, a trusted entity, affixes its signature to a document that binds the key with the entity, issuing what are commonly termed as certificates. The CA utilizes its cryptographic key for the signing process, ensuring the security of these associations.

What is certificate-based authentication?

Certificate-based authentication is defined as the technique of proving one's identity utilizing digital certificates. These electronic documents operate similarly to electronic passports, certifying one's identity by validating the ownership of a private key.



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