URL Validation in PowerApps
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Jun 29, 2023 3:00 PM

URL Validation in PowerApps

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During this video, we will learn how to validate URL in Power Apps. Expression:

The video discusses URL validation in PowerApps focusing on a canvas app with a text and label control. The label message 'Invalid URL' is shown only if an invalid URL is entered.
The 'visible' property of the message is toggled on or off using an 'ismatch' expression for regular expression validation on the URL.
The text box ID is used in the formula and the text written in this is tested against the validation expression.
If the entered text matches the validation, the message is hidden, otherwise, it is shown.
Testing is done by either copying a URL from the browser and pasting it into the app, or by typing a URL manually.
An example output is provided, where on typing 'Facebook', the invalid URL message is displayed.

Detailed Study on URL Validation in PowerApps

This particular discussion addresses an essential feature of PowerApps - URL validation. URL validation is crucial in order to prevent errors from invalid URL inputs.
A precise regular expression is used to match the URL format, and if the entered URL failed to meet the criteria the 'Invalid URL' message is shown.
This functionality highlights the flexibility and scripting capability in PowerApps which allows for well-formed and error-resistant user input.
The text box ID plays a crucial role in this process as it helps to ensure the correct value is matched with the regular expression.
The test case demonstrates how effectively this URL validation in PowerApps works.

Learn about URL Validation in PowerApps

The main topic of the text is URL validation in PowerApps. To validate a URL, the first step is to take a text box control and a label control, and set the message of the label control to an "invalid URL" message that will only be visible when an invalid URL is entered. Next, one must open the message and click on the visible property of it and write an expression using the text box ID to validate the regular expression validation on the URL. The code for the regular expression validation is available in the description box. If the entered URL matches the regular expression, then the message will not be shown, but if the URL does not match the regular expression, then the message will be shown. Finally, the entered URL must be tested to ensure it is functioning correctly.

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