Power Apps to SharePoint: Upload Files & Set Properties
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Feb 19, 2024 3:00 PM

Power Apps to SharePoint: Upload Files & Set Properties

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Master Power Apps File Upload to SharePoint with Reza Dorrani: Seamless Integration & JSON Magic!

Key insights


Reza Dorrani offers a comprehensive tutorial on uploading files from Power Apps to SharePoint Document Libraries, utilizing Power Automate's new V2 trigger for file input and setting file properties efficiently with JSON. This step-by-step guide covers the creation of a SharePoint document library, crafting the user interface in Power Apps for file uploads, and demonstrates both single and multiple file uploads through Power Automate flow.

  • Leverage the attachment control in Power Apps for uploading files.
  • Integrate Power Automate flow with Power Apps to upload files of any kind.
  • Use JSON for dynamic file property mapping in the process.
  • Efficiently save files in the SharePoint Document Library.
  • The tutorial includes detailed instructions for tagging and managing files within SharePoint, enhancing the document library experience within PowerApps.

This tutorial, led by Reza Dorrani, is an invaluable resource for those looking to streamline their file management processes between Power Apps and SharePoint. With clear explanations and practical demonstrations, users are guided through every step of uploading and managing files in SharePoint libraries, showcasing the power and flexibility of integrating Power Automate and Power Apps.

Expanding on File Management in SharePoint and Power Apps

Effective file management is critical in today’s digital workspace, and SharePoint serves as a robust platform for organizing, storing, and sharing documents within an organization. Integrating SharePoint with Power Apps opens up versatile possibilities for enhancing productivity. Power Apps allows users to develop custom applications, catering to specific business needs without extensive coding knowledge. This integration not only streamlines workflow but also promotes a seamless file handling and collaboration experience.

Through the use of Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, automation of file transfers and property settings becomes much simpler. Power Automate's V2 trigger specifically enhances these capabilities, offering precise control over file inputs directly from Power Apps to SharePoint, making the handling of documents more efficient than ever.

Moreover, the ability to dynamically map file properties using JSON within Power Automate flows signifies a leap towards more adaptable and intelligent file management systems. This feature particularly benefits organizations in handling vast amounts of documents, ensuring that file categorization and retrieval processes are as streamlined as possible.

By embracing these technological advancements, businesses can significantly improve their document management strategies. The tutorial provided by Reza Dorrani not only serves as an instructional guide but also inspires the integration of these powerful platforms to enhance organizational efficiency and collaboration.


In this insightful tutorial, Reza Dorrani explores the process of uploading files from Power Apps to SharePoint Document Library and setting file properties efficiently. The technique involves using Power Automate’s new V2 trigger, specifically designed for file input, coupled with JSON to streamline file property settings in a single step. This comprehensive guide begins with the basics of constructing a SharePoint document library.

The video timeline covers several crucial stages of the process, starting with an introduction to file uploading to SharePoint from Power Apps and a brief overview of SharePoint Document Libraries. It provides step-by-step guidance on file uploading to SharePoint Library from Power Apps, introducing Power Apps’ V2 trigger in Power Automate flow.

Reza Dorrani continues to explain how to trigger the flow from Power Apps to upload files to SharePoint and how to set file properties in SharePoint for existing files. He further details the process of uploading and tagging files from Power Apps to SharePoint Library, concluding with instructions on uploading and tagging multiple files from Power Apps for a fully integrated document library experience.

  • Leveraging attachment control for file uploads
  • Calling Power Automate flow from Power Apps for any file type upload
  • Passing file properties with JSON for dynamic mapping
  • Saving files in SharePoint Document Library


Key Steps in the Process

  • Building a SharePoint document library tailored for file uploads.
  • Creating a user-friendly interface in Power Apps for uploading files.
  • Uploading both single and multiple files using a special V2 trigger provided by Power Automate.

The tutorial emphasizes the importance of utilizing the attachment control for file uploads and demonstrates how to initiate a Power Automate flow directly from Power Apps for this purpose. It showcases the capability to upload files of any type, including images and documents, and details the method for passing file properties from Power Apps to the flow using JSON for dynamic property mapping.

Comprehensive Learning Outcomes

  • Leveraging attachment control within Power Apps for efficient file uploads.
  • Executing Power Automate flows from Power Apps for uploading any file type.
  • Dynamic mapping of file properties using JSON to save files in SharePoint Document Libraries effectively.

The video provides a detailed walkthrough, beginning with the creation of a SharePoint document library and culminating in a complete document library experience within Power Apps. This involves uploading and tagging single or multiple files and setting their properties within SharePoint, all from the Power Apps interface.



Power Apps - Power Apps to SharePoint: Upload Files & Set Properties

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