Updates in SharePoint Site Page - News Templates
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Sep 9, 2023 12:00 PM

Updates in SharePoint Site Page - News Templates

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Microsoft is planning to split between Microsoft page News Template and Template that were created by the Site owners.

Microsoft is in the process of implementing updates in the SharePoint Site Page and News Templates. The plan is to create a distinction between the Microsoft page/News Template and the Templates that have been created by site owners. To facilitate this distinction, two tabs are being introduced:

  • From Microsoft
  • Saved on this Site

The functionality and visuals of these updates are demonstrated in a soon to be available instructional video.

Deeper Dive into SharePoint Site Page Updated Templates

Microsoft's new approach to the SharePoint Site Page and News Templates design aims to streamline the functionalities and enhance user experience. The decision to segregate the templates into two categories - 'From Microsoft' and 'Saved on this Site' - is expected to bring about clearer navigation and improved usability. This change is in line with Microsoft's ongoing commitment to fortify the operational capabilities of SharePoint Site and make it more user-friendly. The detailed workings and appearance of these changes will be illustrated through a video that's coming soon.

Learn about Updates in SharePoint Site Page \ News Templates

The main topic of the text is the upcoming updates in SharePoint Site Page / News Templates by Microsoft. The text describes that Microsoft is going to differentiate between the Microsoft page/News Template and templates created by the Site owners. In this update, there will be two tabs: one is 'From Microsoft' and the other one is 'Saved on this Site'. The text also mentions a short video that will demonstrate the appearance and functionality of these updates.

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