Teams Meetings: Enhanced Features for Improved Usability
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Sep 30, 2023 8:16 AM

Teams Meetings: Enhanced Features for Improved Usability

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Unlock improved usability in Microsoft Teams Together Mode - now with name labels, status icons, and more!

Improved Features for More Interactive Meetings

You just had to know about the latest improvements Microsoft has made to "Cooperation Mode" in one of its prominent apps. Following the modifications, participants in meetings now get aliases attached to their videos, enhancing their virtual visibility. Also, these labels are designed to support status icons that point out the microphone, person talking, spotlighted participant, or pinned individual during the course of the meeting.

No need to worry if you're energetic about maintaining your virtual space – the recent functionality will remove your video from the gallery while "Cooperation Mode" is turned on. This is made in an effort to evade the presence of duplicate self-previews. What about acknowledging contributions from teammates? Well, "Cooperation Mode" now enables the view of raised hands and reactions in an entirely new spectacle.

This feature is available to everyone in the Public Preview channel. Imagine being in a meeting and in a moment of switching to "View -> Cooperation Mode", you are able to see reactions, raised hands, and name labels bearing additional statuses like an active speaker, pin, or spotlight. These changes not only make "Cooperation Mode" more comprehensive but also facilitate easier comprehension of the flow of things in your meetings.

Furthermore, this feature supports the following platforms and clients; Windows, macOS, Linux, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Interestingly, there aren't any known issues or limitations with this feature, making it ever so user-friendly.

Looking to get early access to new features? It's quite simple. First things first, IT admins need to modify an update policy to activate "Show preview features". Users can then individually opt to take part in the public preview. Something worthy of note is that there's an avenue to submit feedback on features in the public preview or other areas of the application directly from the platform.

In conclusion, Microsoft continues to make strides in making virtual meetings more interactive, easier to follow, and generally more engaging via the consistent updates in the app's functionalities. Bear in mind that these functions are accessible to everyone in the Public Preview channel, so dive in and get a better feel of the digital workplace!

More on Virtual Meeting Enhancements

In a bid to make Distance working more productive and engaging, companies like Microsoft continue to expend resources into the functionality of their apps. The recent usability changes made in "Cooperation Mode" is just one of those improvements made with users in mind. As the Workplace becomes more and more virtual, we expect to see the roll-out of other modifications targeted at making team collaboration seamless and efficient.

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Teams - Teams Meetings: Enhanced Features for Improved Usability

Learn about Updated Features: Improved Usability in Teams Meetings Together Mode

To enhance your knowledge about this topic, several comprehensive virtual learning platforms offer dedicated courses related to the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. Microsoft Learn, Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning provides a vast range of courses both for beginners and advanced users.

Since the blog post talks about updates concerning usability improvements to Together Mode in Microsoft's group collaboration software, you could opt for courses like 'Master Microsoft Teams', 'Microsoft Office 365: Managing and Implementing Microsoft Teams', and 'Up and Running with Microsoft Teams'. These training courses will provide an in-depth understanding of the nuances involved.

Notably, you can find readings about the Detailed Feature List and official documentation on Microsoft's own website. It includes information about every update, feature, and improvement. Microsoft Docs also offers free tutorials and guides to fully comprehend the capabilities of the software.

By rigorously following these courses and reading the official documentation, you will gain a much broader understanding of not just Together Mode but all the features Microsoft Teams provides. Managing and implementing these features should become considerably easier, thereby making the most of your group meetings and other collaborative tasks.

Moreover, bloggers and YouTube creators like Kevin Stratvert, Matthew J. Bailey, and Antoine Snow carry a wealth of information about Microsoft Teams and frequently provide step by step video tutorials which could be very beneficial. They cover topics ranging from basics to advanced usage of Microsoft Teams.

As you build up your knowledge base through the resources mentioned above, don't overlook the importance of seeking guidance and participating in discussions on community platforms like Microsoft's Tech Community and StackOverflow. They are an excellent place to post queries, share personal experiences, and learn from a community of like-minded professionals.

To continually learn about new features or updates about Together Mode and other features, stay tuned to Microsoft 365 Roadmap, a site that provides detailed information about new updates and their availability status across different platforms.

In a nutshell, you should find a blended approach to learning about Microsoft Teams that combines official resources, online courses, community discussions, and expert blogs or video tutorials.

Remember, mastering a tool like Teams will require a combination of theoretical understanding and hands-on practice. Hence, don't hesitate to experiment with the features on your own and gain practical insights into these tools.

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