Understanding OneLake within Microsoft Fabric
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Jun 7, 2023 7:00 AM

Understanding OneLake within Microsoft Fabric

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The key to Microsoft Fabric is definitely OneLake! OneLake enables the reuse of data within Fabric to help drive all of the engines. One copy of the data! Josh

Understanding OneLake within Microsoft Fabric The key to Microsoft Fabric is definitely OneLake! OneLake enables the reuse of data within Fabric to help drive all of the engines. One copy of the data! Josh Caplan joins us to help get an understanding of the power of OneLake.

Josh Caplan:

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The article discusses the features and benefits of OneLake, a unified data lake offered by Microsoft Fabric. OneLake is designed to serve as a single repository for all analytics data within an organization, similar to how OneDrive functions for file storage. Some key points from the article are:

  1. One data lake for the entire organization: OneLake provides a centralized data lake that eliminates the need for multiple lakes across different business groups. It promotes collaboration and streamlines data management.

  2. One copy of data for use with multiple analytical engines: OneLake allows multiple analytical engines, such as T-SQL and Spark, to access and analyze the same data without the need for data duplication. The data is stored in delta parquet format, enabling seamless compatibility across different engines.

  3. Governed by default with distributed ownership for collaboration: OneLake operates within the governance and compliance boundaries set by the organization's tenant admin. It supports the creation of workspaces, which enable distributed ownership and access policies across different parts of the organization.

  4. Open at every level: OneLake is built on top of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, offering support for various file types, structured or unstructured. It leverages ADLS Gen2 APIs and SDKs, making it compatible with existing ADLS Gen2 applications, including Azure Databricks.

  5. OneLake file explorer for Windows: Similar to OneDrive, OneLake provides a file explorer for Windows, allowing easy navigation and management of workspaces and data items. This simplifies data lake usage and makes it accessible to non-technical business users.

  6. Shortcuts for data connection: OneLake introduces shortcuts, which enable sharing of data across different workspaces and business domains without the need for data movement. Shortcuts act as references to data stored in various file locations, both within OneLake and externally in ADLS or S3.

  7. Direct lake mode for Power BI: Business users can build Power BI reports directly on top of OneLake using the Analysis Services engine's new direct lake mode. This mode combines the speed of data import with the convenience of not needing to copy the data, allowing efficient data analysis.

Overall, OneLake aims to provide organizations with a unified, collaborative, and efficient solution for managing and analyzing their analytics data, promoting data reuse and eliminating data silos.

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